z Keller Abbie

symposium/carousel – wonderful introduction, beautiful pointed feet, nice control, gorgeous feet, nice turned out heels, love the intensity, love the suspension, nice aerial, beautiful flexibility and feet, love that you consistent with your intensity, great control, nice audience contact, really work the body roll, land softer on your back handspring, fabulous extension, keep facial intensity strong throughout the entire piece, so focused, keep arms placed on turns, keep working your plie for strength in balance and push through your jumps

Inferno / Keep emotion strong throughout the whole entire routine, Extend arms on all tilt extensions, use core when doing body rolls, Keep supporting leg turned out on all extensions, Keep hip down on a split extensions but if it’s supposed to be a straddle extension then raise hip up, Need to be in character more before backhand spring, Need to arch at the end and develop that arch better, in the beginning get leg straight on split when you’re on your head

Platinum Carousel / love the costume, music, choreography, / nice strength and control / cool leg thing in the beginning / press shoulders down / extend through legs on acro / love the intensity / watch arms between – be sure to “hook it all together in between skills with your arms – stretch through them / interesting performance / loved it / You Say / hit your arabesque before you pouche’ sweetie – you can tell this because you can lock the secure-cramp feeling in your back / look at me sweetie / don’t go heel first sweetie / no heel spins please / travel more please / engage your eyes to your audience more / beautiful dancer – fun to watch