March 6-9 Weekday / Regular Class Photos

All Classes and Teams have Photos in March.  All Teams, dance, gym, parent and tot, Everyone!!!  This is always the week after our Grand River Recitals.  These photos are taken during / OR CLOSE to the students class time.  If your student is a gymnast, their photos will still be taken, and taken in their class attire (girls leotard, boys shorts/t-shirt).  All dance students have photos taken in your costume, hair up, and make up. If you do not have a costume, just come for class.  We will hold as much of class that is possible to fit as much in as possible.  Dancers will also need the required tights.  (If you need me to have a pair for you on hand, please relay.  Please note these dates and please be prepared to have your child in the class photo – even if you do not plan on purchasing photos.  PLEASE BE ON TIME AND DOUBLE CHECK YOUR PHOTO SCHEDULE, ….  Posted here in Feb.  WHEN AND IF WE RUN LATE, IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN DUE TO PEOPLE ARRIVING LATE OR NOT COMING DRESSED AND PREPARED.

Team Photos – starting Fall 2023, the first Friday in October

All teams will always have photos the first Friday in January. The change however, is that I would like a more glamourous look for the girls. This means hair can be styled (not just in a bun or up). We started the “bun style” because originally when I would say ” styled”, athletes would just come with their hair hanging, like they just got out of bed and brushed it. I opted to the bun because it was better understood and more consistent 😉

I’m excited to have “Weber Portrait Design” taking our photos this year. There will be a group shot and an individual taken. Instructions on attire are with your picture time below. You can also set up “friend photos” and photos with awards if you like. Please text 563-513-9306 if you want something special so that we can give them heads up.

Please wear make up. Please do not wear your fake lashes. (Fake lashes and performance hair will be used in the March Photos please). Gymnast, please note that in March your photos are more “work out” orientated (messy bun or such and work out wear with possible “chalk highlights” ;). Thank you

Forms are below and you will need one form for each order/photo to purchase

  • Picture time Friday, at 4:30 pm / Company / Team 2 / attends Saturday 2 – 3:30 pm :
  • Picture time Friday, at 4:50 pm / Company / Team 1 / attends Saturday Noon – 2 pm :
  • Picture time Friday, at 5:15 pm / Company / Team 3 / attends Saturday 9:30-Noon :
  • Picture time Friday, at 5:40 pm / Company / Team 4 / attends Saturday 8 – 10:30 am :
  • Picture time Friday, at 6:00 pm / Gymnastics and Tumbling Team in one shot:

Studio Picture Policy

Please note our Policy on Photos, especially if there are other children in the photo. We reserve the right to video tape and take pictures for training purposes and advertisement.  This includes social media accounts.  While our studio has the right to post photos, videos and updates, parents, please be advised that you are not released (able) to post photos and videos of other students.  All studio related photos that have children other than your own, must be posted through our studio office.  Please forward to

Team Photo Day, Dec 17th / Regular Class Photos March 7-10 – please note that this information is posted after the team photos below.

Team Photos: Dubuque Dance Company, Gymnastics Team and Tumbling Team

This is also the perfect time to get your picture with any trophies, special skills photos, and pointe pictures. We will take pictures again in March, after the Grand River Recitals: those will be of weekday and competition groups, and workout/non-formal gymnastics photos. Come with poses to show your photographer, because while she will have come pose ideas, she will not know your specific special abilities.