DDSGC Olympics

Dubuque Dance Studio and Gymnastics Club Olympics

Sign up for this event is through our store. After your “purchase”, contenders will be listed here.

June Brandt (Trophy), Lorelei DeLoach (Trophy), Isla Groshens (Trophy), Julien Jacobson (Trophy), Cassie Kearney (Trophy), Grace Mihalakis (Trophy), Kate Nielsen (Trophy), Scarlette Pline (Trophy), Lilith Treanor (Trophy), Hailey Wierda (Trophy), Kylie Wierda (Trophy), Ella Yerke (Trophy)

Your Chance to be an Olympian!
At the end of the year, everyone, all gym and tumbling students from all locations, will have a chance to “show off” all that you have accomplished.  All are invited to an all-trophy meet, this event includes everyone, even parent- tot members.  Come and have a blast with us as your child becomes “An Olympian” in our Gym.

This inter-club gymnastics meet will be held on the Tuesday after Memorial Day in Dubuque at 2612 University Avenue (Maquoketa is held the Friday BEFORE Memorial Day – more information is on your Maquoketa Lesson Page).  You will compete with students who are your age and level.  This meet provides a great opportunity to show off your skills, progress and professionalism in all four events, or in your tumbling skills.

All competitors will arrive at 5:00 pm.  Girls must be in a leotard with their hair secured up – no finger nail polish, toe nail polish, or earrings, and bare feet.  Boys should be in shorts / t-shirt tucked in and bare feet.

As students arrive – they will be given a number on their hands – they will then go downstairs to do their warm ups.

Parents and viewers will go upstairs to wait while they warm up.  Once students are ready, they will be brought up to the gym.  At that time, parents and others to view the competitor can enter the gym to watch up close.  Once the athlete is finished – awards will be presented and they will be finished.

Our directors and coaches will be judging the event and trophies will be awarded to every student.

Any student under the age of 6 will receive positive, encouraging remarks and feedback on their scoring sheets in place of a score.

The fee for the meet is $35 per student.
The fee / rsvp is due by May 1st by submitting your name at the bottom of this page please.
Please keep in mind that trophies need to be ordered so please do not delay in returning your form.  There is no admission fee for this event.  Family and friends wait in the observation area until competitors are warmed up, as your child arrives in the gym, family and friends accompany the competitor.  Videos and NON – flash photos are encouraged.

Preschool Floor Routine

Preschool Beam Routine

K1 Floor Routine

K1 Beam Routine

Bronze Floor Routine

Bronze Beam Routine