Dubuque Gymnastics Team – Gymtastics

The Dubuque Gymnastics Team 

  • The Dubuque Gymnastics Team competes Xcel and USAG levels 3 and up.  
  • We are members of the USA Gymnastics Competitive Program
  • Athletes practice 2 – 5 days a week (September – May)
  • Competitive Team hours are (M, W, S for Xcel and Compulsory for 9 hours a week) – for prices. For the best success we recommend:  Xcel Bronze and Level 3 – 9 hours, Xcel Silver and Gold & Level 4/5 – 11 hours, Xcel above Gold & Level 6 and up – 12 to 14 hours. Please email dubuquedance@gmail.com to set this up
  • During the summer, the team attends for longer hours and pricing is different.  This can be found on the summer schedule.


  • Athletes will attend competition class well before they are ready to compete.  Coach, Athlete and Parents will agree on competition time as a team with the recommendation of our head coach.
  • Students need to be registered, attending all the days and all hours to be eligible to compete. The head coach assigns their level, and all skills must be mastered before they are eligible to compete.  Athletes are usually on team a year before they are ready to compete.
  • Students take all year around
  • If you have a balance on your account that is overdue us for tuition or anything else, your meat fees will not be paid.  You must be in good standing with our club and have your account balance at zero to register for any tumbling meets.
  • All competitive gymnastics team members are automatically on the tumbling team.
  • Those who attend competitive gymnastics class are invited to attend tumbling team class at no extra charge.  This Saturday class meets next to their competitive gym time on Saturday. The only additional charge for tumbling team is the price of your tumbling meet.

Equipment needed:

  • Studio / Team Warm Up and Studio / Team Bag  (takes 10 – 12 weeks)
  • Competition Leotard (takes 12 – 14 weeks)
  • Also, elastics / tape wrap, medical scissors, nail clippers, band aids, extra leotard, hair ties, hair spray or product that you use, such as mousse


  • This is a year around event.  Students follow our regular lesson schedule (the Tuesday after labor day – the Friday before Memorial Day) .Their summer schedule (runs 7 – 8 weeks from the middle of June – the middle of August) this fee is paid upfront before summer starts (unless you need a payment schedule – please ask Miss Dee).
  • Athletes are also required to attend pre summer practice and pre fall practices.  Both pre-summer and pre-fall are separate prices, and are listed on the calendar. If you need to give notice to discontinue, a full 30 days is required (by March 1st for summer, by July 1st for the school term). Please understand, staff must be trained, certified, and have their personal affects in order for the term.  To do this notice must be given by these dates or you are responsible for fees as outlined on your registration form and in our online agreement.
  • Family vacation time off is expected, please just notify the office when this comes up.
  • If a student misses a class, we understand – but you must send written notification via email.  Students are expected to be at the level requested – so if a class is missed, they should make up, condition and practice at home.
  • All competitors should eat appropriately (whole – fresh foods – fruits, veggies (5 – 8 per day), eggs and whole grains (not cold sugar cereal)), 8 – 12 glasses of water, absolutely no pop or flavored drinks, stretch legs and backs on a daily basis and condition their abs for maximum outcome.
  • If our recommended schedule is altered in any way, please know it will directly affect the progress of your student.  The program is set up specifically to progress and develop your child, if you choose to alter it, we understand, but YOU are also choosing to alter their level and development.
  • We compete in approximately 5 – 7 gymnastics meets a year.  Students are not required to attend all meets, but you must RSVP your intentions ahead of time, dates are given on your meet page.  Confirmation of registration and your payment will also be listed on your page.

Meet locations / fees / sign up / meet times:

  • The meets we attend are mostly on the eastern half of the state.
  • Parents, family members are friends are barred from being on the competition surfaces, questioning directors or judges at meet site, as this can restrict your athlete from competing per organization’s rules.  See you head coach if you need assistance.
  • We attend one State Meet, if your student qualifies for this meet, this will also be an option for them
  • Meet fees are around $100-$130 per meet (up to $150.00 for DP (Developmental Program, Levels 3-10)) This covers their individual fee, team fee and a $5 coaches fee.
  • Meet sign up is posted right on our web site.  Payment is due in our office by the requested date.  We will confirm registration and payment right on your page.
  • The address of the meet site is always on the original document.  So you will know the address and be able to map out distance and location before you commit to the meet.
  • Meet times are distributed as soon as we receive them.  Many times it is the weekend before competition.
  • Parents are responsible to have their competitor:  Arrive on time to the designated site and report as directed on time, dressed and ready for competition, with a nutritional breakfast (eggs, toast and fruit – no doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, sugar cereal as these foods will affect their memory under pressure and their emotions).  No finger-nail or toe nail polish, no earrings or jewelry, hair secure and professionally placed, and be happy.  Please relay your choices as soon as you are able so we can make sure your athlete is set up correctly.
  •  Leotards will be charged around July 1 for compulsory and optional / around September 1 for excel (and tumbling). All items are found in our online store.
  • Membership fees: USAG fee that you pay online is around $60-$65, and around July 1st, you have a studio charge of $150, this covers the Team USAG fee and any Tumbling Team Fees.