It’s My Stage

It’s My Stage!!  Participants  are listed here…..

This is a solo opportunity for all DDSGC students and  is held at the end of the year. This year we will be holding this event Roosevelt Middle School in Dubuque, on Saturday, May 21 immediately after our recital

This event is for students who attend classes from Spring – May, or our School Term Session. Soloist are automatically included in this event without fee. If observers have purchased admission to the recital, this event is free. For those who didn’t who are just watching this event, admission is $5. Please pay cash onsite. This is so friends and family can view your solo if they are unable to travel. Non-competitors: Registration for this event is $20, if you would like a trophy, it’s $35. We start as soon as possible after the recital. Please register on our webstore.  Awards immediately follow the performance.


Many times in our lives we catch our children in the most adorable
moments when they are “just being themselves”.  “It’s My Stage” is an event to bring the creativity of the student to stage.  Students can choose a class routine, one they have made up on their own, with a friend, or combined experiences put together to make a routine. They are welcome to wear their recital costumes or make their own costume.  Please have any two piece costumes pre-approved.

 Students should email the song to us unless they are using a class or competitive song that has already been used in our database this year.  Everyone shows their routine, and presentation of merit / award with follow.

Any student may enter, regardless of age.  Students may have children dance with them that are not current members of our studio, however releases must be signed for this event.  To register for this event please email with the name of the dancer(s), title of song / artist. Those who owe a fee, please pay at this link For confirmation of registration, your performers name will be listed above.  Critiques will relay positive comments from the judge, for the student.  Routines must be under 3 minutes in length.  Fees:  There is no cover charge if you have viewed the Noon recital, for those just viewing “My Stage”, admission is $5.

Songs for event / if you are not on time, your song will be moved to the end of the line up. Thank you