It’s My Stage

It’s My Stage!!  

  • RSVP can be submitted at the bottom of this page. I will post the fee on your account and have your dancer’s name listed below.
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This is a solo opportunity / event for students and  is held the 1st Saturday in June at St Anthony’s School Gym, or the last Friday of our session in Maquoketa.  

This event is for students who attend classes from Spring – May, or our School Term Session.  Doors open at 10:30 am, and we start at 11:00 am (Maquoketa participants; please refer to your Maquoketa page for more details).  Performer’s names will appear above and on the spreadsheet below, you can register anytime through out the year.  The spreadsheet confirms if you want a trophy or not.  Your award is in a separate room immediately after your performance.  RSVP by May 1st


Many times in our lives we catch our children in the most adorable
moments when they are “just being themselves”.  “It’s My Stage”
is an event to bring the creativity of the student to stage.  Students can choose a class routine, one they have made up on their own, with a friend, or combined experiences put together to make a routine.
They are welcome to wear their recital costumes or make their own costume.  Please have any two piece costumes pre-approved.

 Students should bring a device to the event with their desired song on it and we will hook this up to our speaker system we are using that day.  Everyone shows their routine, and presentation of merit with follow immediately.

Any student may enter, regardless of age.  Students may have children dance with them that are not current members of our studio, however releases must be signed for this event.  To register for this event please email with the name of the dancer(s), title of song / artist.  For confirmation of registration, your performers name will be listed above.  Critiques will relay positive comments from the judge, for the student.  Routines must be under 3 minutes in length.  Fees:  There is no cover charge — only a charge  “per routine”.  If you would like your performer to be awarded a trophy, the fee is $30.  Routines without trophies are $10 each.  If you are adding any additional performers to a routine, it is $5 each performer.


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