Regular class Schedule / Summer / Holidays & Vacations:  

  • School Year Term:  From  the Tuesday after Labor Day –  the Friday before Memorial Day.
  • Summer lessons: Usually start the second week in June and continue through the middle of August.  We also hold several camps through out the summer.   This schedule is usually posted in March.
  • (All teams run the entire year)
  • Major Holidays are not made up as you are not paying “by class”, but for the place in class.  This yearly fee is simply divided into monthly installments to make it easier for our patrons.  (If you pay Sept – May upfront, there is a break in price. 9% if paid by May 1st, 7% if paid by July 1st and 5% if paid by September 1st).
  • Thanksgiving Break:  Thursday – Sunday
  • Christmas Break:  There is a two week Christmas Break.  This is posted on our studio calendar.
  • Easter Break – we have off Thursday through Sunday of Easter.

Open Viewing for Parents

  • Parent viewing for “Littles”Out of protection for your child, we do not allow the public to come in and view children at their leisure.   
  • Open-Viewing for 30 and 45 min classes is the first lessons in October, February, and April.  
  • Please be prepared to zoom if needed. If in person, please be prepared to take off your shoes when entering the rooms, and view by sitting on the floor. 
  • Please remember that during viewing talking should be eliminated, as should comments to your child.  You are welcome to review feedback with your child after class ….. or with me, at dubuquedance@gmail.com
  • If a new student would like to view classes, we request that the student dress and try the class vs sitting and watching. In this case, all that needs to be done is the registration fee paid, and the release signed.

Dance Recitals – Gymnastics / Tumbling Olympics
All dance students are invited to perform in the dance recitals in Dubuque.  All gymnastics and tumbling students are invited to be in our Olympics.  All Dancers are also invited to the solo recital, “It’s My Stage”.  More information about these events is available on their individual pages.

Lesson Cancellation
In the event that class would be cancelled due to weather, we will send out an email stating this decision, or you may call the office.  Decisions are made around 2:00/2:30 pm the day of class, for classes scheduled Monday – Friday.  On Saturday it is emailed out by 7:15 am.

Registration Fee and Equipment
All students pay an annual registration fee of $15.00, or a family fee of $20.00, due (with a completed registration form) in advance, before the day of the students’ first class. All fees are NON- REFUNDABLE. Yearly registration forms need to be completed and on file. If current members refer a family, the current family will receive a $15.00 credit on their account.  This credit is never redeemable for cash, will only be applied to tuition starting in October of that year, and will only be credited if filled out / stated at the time of registration.  If a child repeatedly shows up without equipment, for the sake of the child, we will equip the child and bill the parent automatically.

Payment for classes is due BEFORE THE FIRST OF THE MONTH and is nonrefundable.  If tuition is not paid before the 1st, a mandatory late fee of $3.00 is posted on the account per charge.  When a student is registered, or begins classes, you are assigned a class for the entire term.  Our normal class session runs September through May.   If during that time you decide to stop taking lessons, we must be notified two weeks in advance of the first of the month. It is mandatory that you hand in a two week written notice / email to our office when discontinuing class.  If you are on one of our teams (Dance Company, Tumbling Team Gymnastics Team, Dance Competition Team) it is a 30 day notice in writing (for summer by March 1st, for fall by July 1st).  Please note team is a year around activity and commitment – notice must be given or you are registered for the next session.  Charges will continue on all accounts until the notice is received in our office.  You are fully responsible for all charges at this time, NO EXCEPTIONS.   Monthly, seasonal, prepaid lessons, ANY FEES, even equipment and events,  paid for are NOT REFUNDED for any reason.  (When signing up for summer and special sessions, if you are unable to attend, fees cannot be refunded.) If you are absent from a lesson, you may make it up within 30 days by calling ahead to reserve a place in an appropriate class that has available space.  If make up times are not available, you forfeit your class.  Please remember you are not paying “per class”, but for your student’s place in the class.  This fee is simply divided into monthly installments to aid in payment for our patrons.  Students are not able to make up classes after their session is over, the student must be an active member, currently placed in a class and paying for the month or session in which the make up class is taking place.  Registration for competitions and events can never be refunded for any reason.  If an account runs a past due balance, the online access may be discontinued and auto payment will be fully enforced.  All members who register or attend classes agree to comply with all studio and club policies as outlined on our website, on this form and verbally presented . 

TEAM NOTICE:  If you are on one of our teams (Dance Company, Tumbling Team, Gymnastics Team, Competitive Dance Team) it is a 60 day notice in writing (for summer registration, by March 1st and for fall registration, by July 1st).  Due to the hours required in class and the advanced training of coaches, members of the Competitive Dance Team, Tumbling Team and Competitive Gymnastics Team must give notice by July 1st or pay through December of that year.  (Coaches need to be hired / maintained, certified, and studio hours set aside for these groups and the advanced planning is essential to take care of the kiddos.)  By May 1st, if your summer payment has not been made, our system will process your payment for summer tuition. Please note team is a year around activity and commitment – notice must be given or you are registered for the next session.