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Xcel (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and less expensive option “consider this”

Advanced Competitive Gymnastics Members are able to “consider this”

Team Meets are NOT posted on our Calendar Page / They are usually only posted on your password pages so that others cannot see when you are out of town and away from your homes.

DDSGC is fortunate to have Five Thriving Teams.  To do this, it takes excellent students and parents for support and teamwork.  When you join one or more of our teams, your child is not just receiving excellent training, but your child and you are with athletes and parents with a positive, supportive attitude and outlook for the children, fellow parents and our studio.  We are truly blessed to have these members.

Dubuque Gymnastics Team (policies and helpful information) / Gymtastics Members (Competition Information)

Dubuque Tumbling Team (policies and helpful information) / Fliptastics Members (Competition Information)

Dubuque Dance Team (policies and helpful information) / Untouchables Members (Competition Information)

Dubuque Dance Company (policies and helpful information) / Company Members (Event Information)

Dubuque Aerialist  (policies and helpful information) / Aerialist Members Page

New for 2022: While I feel like our main focus needs to be on: 1. Committing ourselves at every practice to be the best competitor that we can be, daily and in the classroom and at practice. 2. Honoring our parents, their time and their funds and efforts (travels) that they are dedicating to the athlete and competition. 3. Our focus needs to not always be on place and score, but achievements and progress. 4. We should enjoy competition at every stage and enjoying events, family, friends and relationships….. With that said, this year I have opted to add a studio reward:

  • Dance Soloist
    • 10 or more in the category, 1st place in category, so “category cup” – award $25 towards summer fee
    • 10 or more in overall, 1st place overall – award $25 towards summer fee
  • Dance Team/Group/Duet/Trio
    • 10 or more in the category, 1st place in category – award – summer – afternoon, trip to pool, or pizza
    • 10 or more in overall, 1st place – award – summer movie matinee, or pizza
  • Gym Team
    • 10 or more in rotation, 1st place on event – award $25 towards summer fee
    • 10 or more in overall, 1st place all around – award $25 towards summer fee
      • If you have 2-5 competitors in your rotation – no award for events, only for 1st place all around. $25 will go towards your summer tuition.
      • If you fall in a level and competitions that are repeatedly 2-9 competitors and the above do not apply to you:
        • In this case, then we will award 1/2 or your first place all around, $25 each towards your summer fee.
        • In this case, if you place 1st on the same event at all of your meets – award $25 towards summer fee
  • Tumbling Team
    • 10 or more in flight, 1st place earns $25 towards summer
    • If the competition awards high-score, 1st place high-score in level earns $25 towards summer.