Stuff Your Stocking – in House Meet

  • ALL GYMNASTS – YOUR IN-HOUSE MEET, “Stuff Your Stocking” will be Saturday, Dec 21 (if you are a team member – this is not a sanctioned meet – you should still compete, however your score will not reflect with your USAG information)
    • Fee is $35.00 per athlete for the event, there is no admission fee.
    • Arrive on time for the event, warm up will start upon arrival, competition will begin as soon as the athletes are ready
    • Dubuque athletes from 9 – 11 am at our Dubuque Location
    • Maquoketa athletes from 1 – 3 pm at our Maquoketa Location
    • Rather than trophies, athletes will receive a Stocking with little activities
    • Competitors should wear their favorite leotard, hair secured up, no jewelry, no nail polish
    • Register for this on our website

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Darcy Gassman, Grace Gassman, Ava Graber, Alaina Henry, Lucy Higgins, Charlotte Kalb, Ameena Sinno, Rochelle Steve


Ariana Clausen, Kylie Current, Addilynn Kiefer, Penny Pape, Reo Renner