Dubuque Dance Team – The Untouchables

The Untouchables

DDSGC Competitive Dance, “The Untouchables” Policies

  • This is an excellent program focusing on the child.
  • We influence healthy relationships with our dancers. Our athletes truly admire each other.
  • We keep our choreography, costume and content focus on proper content and age appropriateness.
  • We encourage healthy eating throughout the week, during practice and at competitions.
  • We encourage your child’s respect towards parent and family members with their words and their actions.
  • We want your child to honor your time and monetary commitment you are making.
  • We have superb technique and offer additional hours and assistance at no extra cost.

Equipment needed (check “prices” page for exact costs):

  • Studio Warm Up (must be worn at awards)
  • Competition Make Up, Eye Lashes, Jewelry (found on shop page)
  • Competition Costumes  – one per number
  • Practice shoes and a separate pair for competition

Expected  routines:

  • Team 1:  1 costume / 1 routine – sm group
  • Team 2:  1 costume / 1 routine,- sm group
  • Team 3:  2 costumes / 2 routines – sm group
  • Team 4:  2 – 3 costumes / 2 – 3 routines – usually sm group
  • Team 5: 2 – 3 costumes / 2 – 3 routines – usually asm group
  • Team 6: 3 – 4 costumes / 3 – 4 groups – usually small group

Fees and Attendance:

  • New members join this group in June of each year.  If they join at a different time, they can work out with the group but please do not plan on competing the group numbers.
    • School Year Term:The Tuesday after Labor Day – the Friday before Memorial Day.
      • Monday and Wednesday (or Monday and Maquoketa on Thursday)
      • 20 min solo (Mon. or Wed, Thurs. or Sat).
      • Saturday Company is available at no extra fee
      • students can elect to do all three days Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at no extra fee.
      • For cost see “prices” page.
      • You can add gymnastics to this at a discount.
  • Technique, conditioning are included with your schedule.
  • Summer, twice and week, no weekends
  • Competition fees are around $95 – $120 for solos / $45 – $60 for groups, large group, productions or lines.  Duets or trios are usually $55 – $70. These fees vary and may have $2-$5 added to cover administrative and coaches fee depending on hotel stay and travel.
  • If you have a balance on your account that is overdue/not paid by the first, to us for tuition or anything else, your entry fees and costume fees will not be paid.  You must be in good standing with our club and have your account balance at zero to register for any events.
  • If you would like your solo routine choreographed upfront and video taped in the summer between Memorial Day and Aug 10th, this can be done for $200 per routine (in 22-23 the price is going to be $300 per routine please). These checks go directly to your choreographer please. Please have music and date set by Memorial Day with Miss Alicia if you choose this option.  You can still choose to have your 20 min solo class, or you can opt out.


  • Routines must be mastered before they are eligible to compete.
  • Students need a journal with them at their solo class, and a recording device if possible.
  • Students are not allowed to just compete solo.  They can however just compete group routines (these students can still be assigned a solo time slot if desired)
  • Most solo time slots are 20/20/20.  This means 20 min with an instructor, 20 min review on their own, 20 min conditioning on their own.  This format does many things, but it also sets them up on how to prepare for / at competition.  By the time we compete, all competitors should be prepping themselves and they should be able to do this and go on and compete without the assistance of Alicia.  It is best to do the review and conditioning right in the building. Team 1 and newbies should do this at home with parent supervision.  Parents, please double check all practice time away from instructors.
  • Students take all year around.
  • Athletes will perform their competition routines are both recitals.
  • Costume fees are due the 15th of September, plan on $100 to $140
  • There is a music fee of $10 per song as we have to purchase the music and spend time editing. This is a standard per song regardless of who edits the music. The fee for group songs will be divided among each group.
  • Competition Schedule should be finalized September 15th
  • Plan on a $40 travel fee per dancer (this will increase to $50 fee per athlete, per coach for 2022-23).  
  • All groups divide prop fees among each other.


  • Full attendance for the 2 days is required.  If you are missing, please use the 3rd day for make up.
  • If you need to give notice to discontinue, a full 30 days is required (by March 1st for summer, by July 1st for the school term). Please understand, staff must be trained, certified, and have their personal affects in order for the term.  To do this notice must be given by these dates or you are responsible for fees as outlined on your registration form and in our online agreement.
  • BE AWARE THAT SOLO TIMES ARE FIRST COME – FIRST CLAIM.  Registration is open Feb 1st for summer and fall.
  • Students are also required to attend National practice (as long as we are attending Nationals). These dates fall between Memorial Day and when we start summer lesson.  There is an additional fee for these.
  • it is important that competitors are committed to their group and remain committed through Nationals
  • Students are not allowed to miss competition practice.  In the event that you are ill – YOU MUST TEXT MISS ALICIA 563-590-8100.  Contact Policies are as follows:  For Alicia:  Texting is the best method; between the times of 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday and Saturday from 7:30 – 4:30 pm.  Please do not text outside of these business hours or while she is on break, (summer 8:00 am –8:00 pm Monday – Thursday) or EMAIL MISS DEE any time at dubuquedance@gmail.com Miss Dee’s cell is NOT to be used unless an Emergency (hospital and such).  However, you can and should text results at competitions.  563-590-9354
  • Any absences can bar you from competition, even if you have paid your fees, even if you have a doctor’s excuse.  (Funerals are among the only exceptions).

Personal Care:

  • All competitors should eat and snack appropriately (whole – fresh foods – fruits, veggies (5 – 8 per day)), eggs and whole grains.  Not cold cereal, waffles, french toast, or pancakes as these foods affect them in a negative way.   8 – 12 glasses of water, absolutely no pop or flavored drinks, stretch legs and backs on a daily basis and condition their abs daily for maximum outcome.
  • ALL COMPETITORS SHOULD RUN THEIR SOLO ROUTINE AT LEAST 5 TIMES A DAY,  if possible, in front of a mirror so that they can see both their expressions and their body lines.
  • If our recommended schedule is altered in any way, please know it will directly affect the progress of your student.  The program is set up specifically to progress and develop your child,  if you choose to alter it,  YOU are also choosing to alter their level and development. In the case of dance competition, we cannot allow this to happen as you affect other members in your group.
  • We compete in approximately 3 dance competitions a year, and a National Final, or 4 regionals.
  • Students are expected to attend all competitions chosen.

Competition: locations, fees, sign up, times:

  • This information is given in October.
  • Except for helping with props, parents, family members and friends are barred from being on the competition surfaces and questioning directors or judges at competition sites – see your head coach if you need assistance.
  • Any and all questions about the actual competition; rules, schedule, policies must be directed to us. (Imagine if you owned a dance competition and every parent called you!!!)
  • Competition sign up will be confirmed on your password page on your site, and will confirm fees and deadlines,  so you can help watch me for errors.
  • You will not be allowed to make a payment on a competition if you have an outstanding balance on your account.
  • Please email any extra entries – ie photogenic and titles and I will confirm on your password page.
  • Competition times are distributed as soon as we receive them. Many times it is the weekend or two before competition.
  • Parents are responsible to have their competitor on time (at least an hour before competition) at the designated site, dressed and ready for competition, with a nutritional breakfast (eggs, toast and fruit – no doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, sugar cereal), no finger nail or toe nail polish, no earrings or jewelry except what is designated by the head coach, hair secure and professionally placed, and happy!!
  • We try to place students where they will excel and do well. It is important that parents influence the “correct competitive atmosphere”. It is inappropriate to be a gossip or complainer, as you are labeling yourself with utter disrespect, and at times, contempt from others. It is “the golden parent” who can love and respect their competitor and others at every moment – not just when they receive first place. We expect all parents to be “golden parents” at every moment. It is said, character is truly defined “in the heat of the moment”. Please represent your child appropriately by maintaining control and dignity.

Each group’s parents are responsible for their own group’s props which includes the following:
•Discuss prop(s) with Alicia and receive approval,
•construct the prop{s), incur the cost of prop(s),
•make sure prop(s) are safe, manageable and workable,
•each group is responsible to carry prop(s) to and from the trailer at the studio and at competitions,
•set up and take down prop(s) at stadium shows/competitions,
•arrange prop(s) to be on and off stage according to show/competition rules,
•additional assistance from all other parents will be asked and expected if needed and based on rules of Shows /
competitions.  COMMUNICATION is the key!!