z Hoefelmeyer Maya

Inferno/carry you / Pretty dancer, When your handstand comes down – stronger finish, When you’re in your strong open up in the hips more, Don’t look down, Don’t sickle foot when kneeling on ground And foot is extended, great strength, Don’t sickle your ankle on needle, shoulders down on arabesque jump, Smile in the beginning to not just in the middle, Show me more emotion sweetie, Plié more and use your back on the reaches, Don’t let your ankles wobble on your second position, control arms on your leap, great dancer

Inferno / falls, need Ankles not cycled on the ground, Arches slower not too fast, Don’t look at the floor, keep I contact at the audience, Watch arms before the leap, That’s a front handspring melt downAll the way, shoulders down on fan, Need to dance stronger and more powerful, Let’s Archmore on your C jump to hit a beautiful picture

Platinum / Falls – beautiful costume and dancer / keeper contraction into your core after standing up from roll / softer landing after back-bend and go through the foot – toe ball heel / don’t rush accents / work through feet on back walkover / lift eyes to audience on floor part / travel on cartwheel and back walkover – bigger runs – thin about what you are running towards / stronger double turns-tight spot- higher half pointe / good musicality / beautiful job / really work those legs sweetie / Carry You – love the costume / push though walkovers more / higher releve / give me more attention sweetie / connect with the audience more and bring me on your trip! / keep eyes lifted / really watch your feet / you have strong control and get technique / would love to see you connect with us more / great job

This Miss Dee keeps reminding you about in class: Beautiful progress / things that hold your score down: be sure to get all three splits past split, be sure to have your elbow back bridge fully stretched with no discomfort, bear with elbows down and be able to do it without feeling any stretch / on your plie-feel your straddle in your hips