Miss Dee

Stretching and Conditioning

sets of 10 and more
shortened scooters
Set of 10 scooters
Basic Conditioning with Arch Ups
Advanced Conditioning

Preschool – Dance Routines for Recital May 21st: Equestria (Cafeteria Song), Reach for the Stars, Beauty and the Beast, Rise Above it All, Time to Be Awesome

* Preschool Toe Taps
* Preschool Heel Taps
* Preschool Toe Backs
* March March Clap Clap
* Shuffle Steps
Cafeteria Song with Voice
Equestria Song
Reach for the Stars
Beauty and the Beast with Voice
Tale as Old as Time
Rise Above It All
Time to Be Awesome
Reach for the Stars
Time to Be Awesome

K1 – Dance Routines for Recital May 21st: Dance Magic, Can’t Stop This Feeling, Reflection, So Beautiful, Do You Believe in Magic

* Kinder Toe Taps
* Kinder Heel Taps
* Toe Backs
* 4 side digs and 8 marches
* Shuffle Steps
Dance Magic – tap routine with voice
Can’t Stop the Feeling
Do You Believe in Magic
So Beautiful
Can’t Stop This Feeling
Do You Believe in Magic

Level A: Love With Your Life, Walk It Like You Talk It, Ready or Not, Sparkle. Song In My Soul

Song in My Soul
Love With Your Life
Walk It Like You Talk It
Ready or Not
Across the Floor – Step Clap
Ready or Not

Level B: Out of the Dark, Good News, Ready for a Miracle, Stand Down, Cheap Thrills

Out of the Dark – May Recital
Good News
Ready for a Miracle
Stand Down
Cheap Thrills
shuffles in all directions
Out of the Dark
tap with voice
Are You Ready for a Miracle
Miracle – Outside turn combination slower

Level C: Sharp Dressed, Easy on Me, Broke, Cheap Thrills, Too Close

Sharp Dressed Man
Too Close – edited for recital
Easy on Me
Cheap Thrills
Broke with Voice

Level D

Inhale Exhale – edited for show
Back in Black
Turning Tables
Nothing Holding Me Back

Production and Company

Heart and Soul with Voice
Them Girls Be Like

Adult Tap Class

Hop Shuffle Step Traveling
Slap Heels in All Directions
Slow Back Flap Heels
Flaps Across the Floor
Flaps Traveling in Directions
Flap Heels Traveling in Directions
Flap Double Heels Traveling in Directions
shim sham
Double Shim Sham
shim sham with scuffle
maxi ford across the floor
Draw Backs
Buffalos across the floor
Double buffalos across the floor
Double Waltz Clog
Draw Back Combination
Flap Balchange Turning Across the Floor
5 tap riff walk
3 shuffle balchange and step clap to switch
shuffle hop step across the floor