The Dubuque Dance Team – The Untouchables

DDSGC Competitive Dance, “The Untouchables” Policies

  • This is an excellent program focusing on the child.
  • We influence healthy relationships with our dancers.
  • Our athletes truly admire each other and other teams/members to those teams.
  • We keep our choreography, costume and content focus on proper content and age appropriateness.
  • We encourage healthy eating throughout the week, during practice and at competitions.
  • We encourage your child’s respect towards parent and family members with their words and their actions.
  • We want your child to honor your time and monetary commitment you are making.
  • We have superb technique and offer a full curriculum

Equipment needed (check “prices” page for exact costs):

  • Studio Warm Up (must be worn at awards)
  • Competition Make Up, Eye Lashes, Jewelry (price/purchase on shop page)
  • Competition Costumes and Appropriate Tights  – one per number
  • Practice shoes and a separate pair for competition


  • This is a year – round commitment. You are expected to take summer class.
    • Due to scheduling, training, staffing, it is mandatory to give ample notice if you need to discontinue. A written notice needs to be submitted by March 1 if not continuing through the summer and by July 1 if for any reason that you are unable to continue in the fall through June 1, or the end of the competition season.
  • Novice – younger members, minimal commitment
    • -Two Levels
      • –Tue and Thur
      • –1 routine/1 costume
      • –1 routine performed at recital
  • Advanced – more serious commitment, includes weekly conditioning, flexibility & skills requirements apply, ages 7 & up
    • -Team 1
      • 1 routine/1 costume
    • -Team 2 & 3
      • 2 routines/2 costumes
    • -Team 4
      • 2 routines/2 costumes
    • -Team 5
      • –2 or 3 routines/2 or 3 costumes
    • -Team 6 & 7
      • –3 or 4 routines/3 or 4 costumes


  • Equipment (purchase in DDSGC online store)
    • -Studio Warm-Up (Jacket and Pants must be worn at awards)
    • -Make-up Compact + Lipstick
    • -Eye Lashes
    • -Jewelry
    • -Fake bun cover
  • Stage Costume(s)
    • -Costume $75-$100 for novice, $90-$140 for advanced (per routine)
    • -Tights (could be different for each routine)
    • -Shoes (clean pair used only at competitions)
    • While you do not pay a recital costume fee/competition members still pay the $25 stage fee
  • Competition Entry Fees for dancer per routine (We attend 4 regional competitions per year located 0-3 hours away from Dubuque.)
    • -Solos $110-$115
    • -Duets/Trios $65-$75
    • -Groups $45-$55
  • Studio Tuition: please see your price page


  • Competition organizations are requiring studios to submit payment for entry fees very early due to many no-show, no-pay studios.  As a result, DDSGC has adopted the following payment schedule for competition entry fees. Please remember that your account must be current to pay for competitions/please make sure your balance is at zero.
  • You must have your account balance at zero to pay for competition fees.
    • -September 1: $10 deposit is due for each competition ($40 total) to hold dancer’s place with the competition organization
    • -October 15: Competition 1 entry fees balance due. If full payment is not received by October 1st, your dancer will not compete at the first competition.
    • -November 1: Competition 2 entry fees balance due. If full payment is not received by December 1st, your dancer will not compete at the second competition.
    • -December 15: Competition 3 entry fees balance due. If full payment is not received by January 1st, your dancer will not compete at the third competition.
    • -January 15: Competition 4 entry fees balance due. If full payment is not received by February 1st, your dancer will not compete at the fourth competition.
    • *Late payment will result in $15 per dancer/routine added to your account.

TEAM NOTICE:  If you are on one of our teams (Dance Company, Tumbling Team, Gymnastics Team, Competitive Dance Team) it is a 60 day notice in writing (for summer registration, by March 1st and for fall registration, by July 1st).  Due to the hours required in class and the advanced training of coaches, members of the Competitive Dance Team, Tumbling Team and Competitive Gymnastics Team must give notice by July 1st or pay through December of that year.  (Coaches need to be hired / maintained, certified, and studio hours set aside for these groups and the advanced planning is essential to take care of the kiddos.)  By May 1st, if your summer payment has not been made, our system will process your payment for summer tuition. Please note team is a year around activity and commitment – notice must be given or you are registered for the next session.