Parent and Child Classes

For members: the link to your video/online assistance page for gymnastics and for dance.

  • September – May Lessons always start the Tuesday after Labor Day and are finished the Friday before Memorial Day.
  • Parent and Tot classes are 30 Minutes in length.  Prices
  • For those who pay the year up front; you receive free May tuition if paid by April 1st, 7% break if paid by July 1st,  5% break for those who pay by September 1st.
  • Please remember there is a $15 registration fee ($20 for a family).
  • Parent and Tot dancers are not involved in the dance recitals, however, once they have moved from this class to a regular class, they would have performance opportunities. Please view our recital page for any additional information you may want about this.
  • Gymnast and Tumblers have the option of signing up for our DDSGC Olympics held the Tuesday after Memorial Day every year.  Please view the Olympics Page for more details.
  • Attire for dance is; Girls –COMFORTABLE / leggings and a comfy shirt. Or, if you want to dress your child like the preschool classes to prep them for the next step: any color leotard and tights, white tap and white ballet shoes.  Boys wear shorts and a T, black tap shoes, black ballet shoes.  We are able to size and order the shoes for you if you would like. Taps are $25 / Ballets are $16.35.  (We choose the ballet shoes over the jazz as they are less expensive)  At this age; dance class size is limited to around 8, gym class size is limited to around 5.
  • Parent Tot Class:
    • TOT/Tuesday 5:45 pm/gymnastics
    • TOT/Thursday 5:15 pm/gymnastics
    • TOT/Thursday 6:30 pm/gymnastics
    • TOT/Thursday 7:00 pm/dance