z Wrobleski Hannah

Inferno/As soon as you turn around have a solid facial expression, Control arms on leap, When turning press on your releve , On your plea a fifth position don’t arch back keep Core engaged, on tilt keep supporting Leg Straight , bigger hip rolls, need More of a confidence expression, Shoulders down on chene Leap and get leg straight, beautiful dancer, keep practicing in front of an audience

Platinum: beautiful dancer / make more eye contact to your audience and judges / I would like to see more expression and for you to engage with us a bit more / reach through your arms and legs completely / shoulders down on your turns / press and use your prep before your turn / clean moves / more attack please / look at us more sweetie / would love to see more facials and attention from you in this routine / excellent job sweetie

Nursing Home 😉 / Beautiful job Hannah – you are an Exquisite Dancer! / make sure you use your base well-so plie with straddle and hips engaged for balance and power / keep expression strong through the entire song-don’t break character / extend through finger tips and through the tips of your toes (be sure to keep your shoulders down when reaching) / keep focus on judges, audience, and arms / place foot on turns and spot harder / reach base leg more on your sissone