z Wolbers Josie

Inferno/ madness, Travel more on the movement, Need to attack moves even more, Push supporting leg into the floor, Roll through body and develop that more, It’s OK to roll shoulders forward in certain parts but keep them pulled back on others-especially turns and jumps, Work core more into moves and skills, Great commitment though, Bigger stands in the middle of the routine

Inferno / , stand in the light, Arms on turns and shoulders pressing down , Travel more , After LEaP control arms coming down, Beautiful turn out but keep developing it, Pressure shoulders down on arabesque jump, The motion at the end was beautiful try to keep that mindset/presentation throughout your solo, exceptional job sweetie

Platinum: Madness: Love the extensions and intensity / keep that strength and expression throughout the entire piece / isolate beginning a bit more / beautiful long legs / wowwwwww those legs / don’t go too long without looking at us / keep the emotion even in the more quiet moments / very cool moves / don’t let the intensity go / work your base leg on turns and spot tight / wonderful job (for Madness – even one more .001 would have given you platinum plus – you were right on the line with your score) / Stand in the Light: extend through fingers / keep supporting hip secure on all leg extensions / don’t open arms too much on second positions turns / keep heel forward in second position turns – especially when you are in 2nd position / make left tilt as strong as your right – but nice to see you are doing both / on your contractions really engage all of your abs well and really pull and tighten / beautiful dancer – love watching you (score was mid-range in platinum)

Nursing Homes 😉 / beautiful progression-awareness of your technique and level – keep pushing this and include balance more in your workouts / love both routines and that they are different / glad you are starting to use the tilt on your non-dominant side / keep focus on your judges and audience – if you take focus off of them it should go to your arms and legs – never down – go through and purposely choreograph this in for yourself in all “the little areas” or areas that you might be walking or taking a step / at the first nursing home you shaped your arms bettesubr on your fouettes – the second nursing home needed more discipline on your arms darling / excellent job darling