z Tamra Faubel

Inferno / beautiful dancer, Don’t bend supporting leg on leg extension and rotate the top leg more, Arch back a little bit more on floor extension, control landing on head spring, Rotate in your second position through your hips, heel forward on your illusion, When you grab that leg really point that toe, Rotate the bottom leg when develop your right leg out and distinguish where your arms are, Develop a your arch more, Press up in your hips on that toe rise , Standing leg all the way straight, Shoulders down and fully straighten your supporting leg on the turns at the end, Hold releve on your turns, Keep feet pointed as you roll to the floor, great potential-really stretch

Platinum duet / cute opening / strong character/really place turns / great personality-needs more attack/ really show your confidence/ find your base on your turn so that you don’t travel / nice work – keep your energy and attack strong through your entire routine/ love the expression-energy-even make this bigger/ great job – keep working and pushing this routine-very enjoyable

Platinum / love you in this costume! / travel more / connect transitions better / shape arms more on skills – especially your turns / hit your accents harder sweetie especially at the end / keep the same intensity throughout your routine please / give me more attention please! / lift through chest when you arch- not the lower back / don’t sickle your feet sweetie – especially in 2nd position / lift through body before stepping into next more and transition / this is a dynamic dancer – keep practicing sweetie

Nursing Homes 😉 / Absolutely gorgeous in your white leotard/costume…. this is perfect for you and not too many girls could wear something like this and be so incredibly stunning! – excellent choice! / keep reaching and extending though your arms are legs – but do not lift your shoulders to extend please / watch angles / keep expression strong and consistent through your entire performance. Beautiful job darling / keep working flexibility / shape arms on turns / Have a fabulous time at competition darling — you are exquisite