z Smothers Aaliyah

Platinum / High Gold / 268 / Beautiful dancer, beautiful body lines and costume, place yourself on turn: place your arms, place your legs, I really wish you would engage with your judges more – look at us and dance to us, / straight legs on illusions please / timing on turns and leaps / hold shape a bit longer / travel more please / don’t go heel first sweetie / keep chin up please / make sure your foot pointes when you do knee extensions, don’t break character – stay in attack the entire time, possibly rehearse routine more so that your focus is on us more. Wonderful routine, gorgeous dancer

Nursing Home 😉 / excellent job – you are such an adorable dancer / to fix your fouettes – drill your plies pressing down in your hips-in your straddle-into the floor, spot hard, shape your arms, and make sure you keep your base and balance feeling in your hips and into the floor