z Priest Mary

Inferno/ On pouettes-supporting leg straight and connect foot to knee, use spot, Bigger roles and shoulders down, More expression and continue it, Rotate in hips in that second position, Don’t look down and shoulders back, Pit accents even more, Stretch legs on leap, work flexibility, ver pretty dancer and nice routine, keep working flexibility and technique

Platinum / cute routine-costume-dancer / love this / take a stronger prep before your turns / oops-connect your foot on your turns sweetie / have a good strong-straight supporting leg and spot on your turns / press arms and shoulders down – on tilt jump and extend your legs more sweetie / don’t go heel first / watch your sissone that both legs are extending / press shoulders on tilt and straighten base leg / hit moves strong and the same energy and intensity throughout the entire routine / more wiggle in your hips please / stay in plie on your chasse please / beautiful girl – loved watching you

Nursing Home 😉 / your are so adorable and such a fabulous dancer – keep up the hard work darling / make sure you are reaching through your arms and legs – really work your plie-straddle-base-balance / watch your angles / stay consistent with your focus, energy and expression throughout the entire number / excellent job sweetheart