z Pfab Melanie

Inferno / Control arms even more, Rotate in the hip in the straddle and make sure both legs are even, Stretch the top of your foot even more, Please arm stronger in straddle, stretch feet on the floor all the way, squeeze legs together and straight on back handspring, Need to be sharper after Rhonda off back handspring combo, Articulate with lips while singing especially when doing skills, arms stronger on your chaine Leap, beautiful, strong, expressive dancer

Platinum / love the costume – cute song for this dancer / in 2nd position turns- really use your plie and base-shape your arms and heel forward when the leg is in 2nd / on 2nd position jumps-push through a pointed toe more and extend arms through 2nd position / control and shape arms on turns-even simple turns and C / on cartwheel from floor to stand up-don’t put hands down until you are ready for the skill /shoulders down on coupe turns / use higher releve on your turns / loved watching you – what a beautiful dancer

Nursing Home 😉 / Love the routine, costume and love the dancer too 😉 / great expression-keep it strong through the entire routine / watch your angles / dance in the back of the stage more so your judges can see you well / keep trying to extend through your legs trying to straighten the legs-pointe the toes / reach through your arms in and out of skills and in between skills / keep stretching elbow bear, straddle with straight legs, elbow back bridge please