z Pfab Mallory

inferno/Lift chest and eyes up, In the tilt extend leg even longer, Don’t look Down look up focus forward, Keep toes curled when sitting in straddle extend the top of the ankle, Breath of the body even more, Back leg straight on split even more, On scorpion standing leg all the way straight, Hold balance on supporting leg when doing a fan, after arabesque jump on stick landing, beautiful dancer, lots of potential

Platinum / Mallory, beautiful dancer / love your costume / reach legs when walking out and extend foot more, keep chest pulled up, connect facial with audience, press shoulders in second position, don’t roll feet in on scorpion, lift through chest on transition from tilt with hand on floor 2 split, lift through chest before sliding through legs in second position on floor, on to raise hands either connected to hips or place them / these are great moves for you – and a beautiful routine / keep practicing sweetie

Nursing Home 😉 / you are so beautiful doing this routine / love the costume too / really let your expression go and just go for it! / keep reaching through your arms and legs / keep connecting every move, every step without any hesitation / shape-place your arms on every skill / excellent job darling / have fun competing this routine 😉