z Lucas Loebach

Inferno/ Arms on your Leap place then, Straighten legs on leap, chest Up on Leap, Roll shoulders back, keep drilling this routine, Keep working on giving attention to audience , I can tell he loves to dance just keep working

Platinum / Like this look for you – very nice / try to bring your focus and eyes to your judges / engage with us more– look at us more / on plank – get your bottom down a bit more / really straighten and stretch your legs on your leaps and in your skills / bring your eye contact to your audience / try not to count out loud- that will come the more you practice your piece / watch your leg placement on your front and back attitudes / get you focus on us sweetie / I would love to see more facial expressions / excellent dancer – just keep running your routine so you can focus on us during your dance / good job

Early in Jan – Reminders from Miss Dee: reach through arms and legs / use plie and straddle feeling in your dance, before skills, after skills / keep your expression throughout your entire routine / keep eyes up and give your judges attention / connect skills and keep the movement going