z Loebach Michael

Inferno / jazz, Stretch through the feet an extension through the upper body, this is a strong dancer – however I wish I could see more energy from him in the routine-extend legs and arms more and really have power in your movement, Shoulders back-be sure to stand straight, Roll through spine-don’t leave any part out, More of a performance – it’s like you are thinking and doing this steps – really put yourself out there for us and energize this performance, don’t go heel first please, Face change when music changes please – engage us with your expression, nice choreography for this dancer-just really push yourself in your steps, On tilt jump shoulders down and back, more stable on Supporting leg on all skills – this dancer has great potential, engage with your judges and give us more energy please – nice performance.

Platinum / mozart – don’t count out loud / we need some expression / bring out every detail to your taps more / careful that you don’t look for your chair walking backward / watch your timing / scuffs should be louder please / bring your character to life / don’t tap behind the chair please / Bohemian – cool opening love the control / make eye contact with me please / nice control – good transition and connections / please give me attention / nice work – but you are not connecting to me – oops – there you go – much more of that / really change the dynamics with the music / nice piece and choreography – really is showing your ability / really build energy and really go for it / just connect to us more / excellent job

Practice Points From Miss Dee: keep your eyes up and engaged on your judges and audience / go toes first / keep reaching through your arms-hands-finger tips and keep reaching through your legs-ankles and toes / keep your back up and use your plie-hips-engage your muscles before and after your turns and jumps – and getting up off of the floor / don’t whip your head on floor stuff / shape your arms on your turns and skills more