z Kiefer Joey

Inferno / duet / Rotate in the hip on tilt, On turn hold Relevés and keep arms in first position, Whack those feet out more on the Charleston, Don’t wobble on the tilt, Back leg straight on the pon-shay, Stretch your feet on the little chasse before the leap, When doing lip syncing with the words make sure your body is machine how powerful the words are, Don’t look down before the lift, Need more energy, Shoulders down on turns and supporting leg needs to be straight on Turn combination

Platinum / duet/ love this routine , so cute / love the characters-even bigger-and even more expression, really go over the top with it / don’t go heel first on your approach ladies / really solid technique/ use your arms more on your aerials, really throw down / higher releve on turns / really change the dynamics in your character and make it huge / really enjoyable and entertaining/ push yourselves to make your characters bigger sweeties / love this routine