z Isabel Faubel

Inferno/such a cutie, On knee tilt extend all the way behind the knee, Keep double turn on relevé and supporting Leg straight , On straddle jump extend your feet even more, More face coming out of the moves, On arabesque jump back leg straight, Pop chest even more, Need more face and more movement in rolls, Standing leg needs to be straight on the tilt, Hold the roll through the body even more before you start your chene, Make sure your arms in Chaines are in the first position/heels forward, More shoulder movement when rolling,Stretch feet on cart wheel, turn out on all jumps and turns , pretty dancer, much promise

Platinum – adorable! love your look! / use your strength more in your lunge and to stand up – keep back tall / use your plie and base on your turns more / keep your base leg straight on turns – work your half pointe in your turns / press into the floor more on your plies-prep before jumps and turns / you are so cute / focus on me sweetie! / work your spot more sweetie / be sure to show us half pointe-pointe positions in your feet and work through your foot / watch your sickled ankles / work on tranistions / pointe feet in runs / beautiful dancer – lots of potential – keep working feet-arms-plie and base / excellent job

Nursing Home 😉 / beautiful performance, I always love watching you dance darling / really use that personalty consistently – through the entire song / get that elbow back bridge down to open your shoulders so you can hit things easier and more completely / really reach through your arms and legs / watch your angles / keep working elbow backbridge, elbow bear, straddle, feel straddle-hips in plie and fondue / Have a wonderful time at competition darling