z Holdren MazieAnne

Platinum / 246 / beautiful control…. use your plie more, then you won’t bounce / make sure you are looking at us and making eye contact with your audience / beautiful dancer / try to look at the audience more and at your judges / you have great extensions and beauty / don’t roll shoulders forward / lift chest on plie / travel more / 272 / wow – the flexibility / beautiful lines / try to travel more and try to go toes first / try to give us some attention / really straighten legs on leaps / lift through chest / find good base and plie before leaps / ohhh pointe that foot in your scorpion darling / beautiful job – just keep working your routines and get your focus on us sweetie

Nursing Home 😉 / excellent, beautiful job darling!!! / be sure to focus and look at your judges / be sure to stay in character and in your moment – don’t let your focus go / be sure that you don’t go heel first – reach and make sure the toe is going down first darling / watch your angles / love both of you routines