z Gockel Emily

Inferno / Believe, Beautiful costume, Control the standing leg – no wobble, improve Back flexibility – release upper chest more , Point the top foot/ankle even more, Hold the Releve stronger and shoulders down on turns, Don’t over cross in coupe , when you go to coupe derrière I need to see the turn out in the hip and your base leg – use your turn out and bottom more, beautiful choreography for this dancer, I love the technical moves this dancer has – keep cleaning and extending in them please, extend your arms in your transitions and walks, Extend feet more in back handspring step out, Really try to extend the top of the foot to get a really good solid point, Extend arms in illusion, Smooth out transitions on floor, Watch control out of the leap Toe ball heel softer landing, Second position rotate from the hips not the feet, Bottom foot needs to be turned out on arabesque to tilt, breathe at the end with all moves, love this routine, very nice

Platinum: 255 / cute and sassy / nice jumps / leaps / wonderful front aerial / keep transitions smooth / get eyes on us a bit more / keep high releve on turns / keep confidence strong the entire time / stay in character the entire time / BELIEVE – control supporting leg in your beginning leg extension / try not to crunch your lower back-release upper back and chest area more / after needle – contract more in your core-really use your muscles / ooops – don’t look down / press arms down and shape them in your turns-close your first position all of the way / keep your expression and facials consistent through your entire piece / on illusions – keep your back leg straight and really tight sweetie / more breath in your upper body / keep your eyes off of the floor sweetie / beautiful dancer (on believe/276/mid-range in platinum for woman be wise/279/ even .001 would have brought you to a platinum-right on the border)

Nursing Home 😉 / keep eye contact and character through your entire number-don’t let your guard down dear / your coupe turn has a sickled foot, and sometimes in your passe – remember if you feel your foot cramped-you know it’s correct / after aerial – finish through your finger tips / also a 2nd position plie position needs to finish through your finger tips as well / excellent routine and song choices / have fun this competition season 😉