z Fink Maddie

Inferno/beautiful dancer!, Stretch the top and the standing leg in needle even more, Melt the leg and even slower, And tilt standing leg straight and rotate the top leg all the way, I was up on the walks don’t look down, Tighter fifth position, Make sure her legs are even on Leap, Press arms down in leap to help control them, Breathe through upper body when arching up off the floor, Don’t look down eyes up when rolling on the floor, Shoulders down, Keep weight on the balls of your feet when doing your tilt don’t push it back to your heels, Don’t sickle feet on the floor , Reach through your fingers on arches, Chest lifted-eyes up, keep working flexibility and technique – lots of potential

Platinum / Beautiful dancer / reach through feet especially on walks / tilt extension – press the back of the leg completely straight – press fingers and hand into the floor / keeper plie after stand up out of needle / stretch through finer tips – not too stiff when hugging knee / stretch feet when jumping – so you want to feel a strong half point and flick to point / don’t pause before pulling leg up to tilt – needs to be a connecting motion / loved watching you – keep up the good work (only 2 points away from a platinum rating)

Nursing Home 😉 / you are such a gorgeous dancer!, love watching you / keep working the flexibility-don’t stop at your splits but go split past split and keep rotating and rolling to stretch everything around the hips darling / watch angles really engage with your judges through the entire routine / extend through arms and legs / don’t look down, keep head and eyes up dear / love your routine 😉