z Fink Lexie

Inferno, Stretch feet all the way on the cart wheel, Shoulders down after handstand double attitude, Don’t let the arms run before the leap, Watch on the landing of the leap that you were going through toe ball heel, Don’t lip-synch so much, On the kick stretch your feet and more energetic, Don’t lift your hip to get to the tilt, Pop through your chest on the side digs, Keep shoulders down when you do pop through chest, Get legs straight at the end in that tilt

Platinum / expression as soon as your leg goes up cutie, control arms and legs a bit more, control arms on tilt, keep eyes up on the entire routine, give me more attention sweetie!, travel more on balchange steps, interact with all of your judges more and give us some more of that sass!, love your exit!!

Nursing Home 😉 / love this routine – love this song for you / keep drilling …. you want to feel so comfortable in front of your judges that you are performing it like you are sassy Maddie 😉 / keep reaching through your arms and through you legs sweetheart