z Elliott Kiley

inferno/In chin stand squeeze legs together and ankles and extend legs even more, more emotion, Watch timing don’t hit your accent too early in second position, Don’t look down on floor work, Lift through hips on toe arch, More emotion, Shoulders down and press arms down On turn going into Leap, On Leap after Turn extend legs even more, Roll through shoulders on walks basically have more emotion through the chest, Watch timing , Legs straight impressed together On back handspring, More emotion please, On scorpion keep your weight on the ball of your foot and pressing into the floor don’t pull it back to the heel, And finish contraction coming out of it, On tilt really hold those legs Preston to the floor and get both legs straight all the way, Don’t hold your breath while holding a tilt, Hip under on the tilt turn, beautiful technique, keep up the great work

Platinum, extend legs an aerial and feet even more, don’t look at the floor out of the to raise and walks, an arabesque jump back straight legs and bottom leg extend arms through fingertips, on chasse leap – don’t go heal first, squeeze size together on jump before double attitude, more eye contact to audience, more expression, Port de bra (arm movement) hit soussou, use/practice more expression / beautiful dancers / loved watching you / beautiful technique!

Nursing Home 😉 / Beautiful routine, love how you connect your steps and it flows so beautifully / add expression with your review – find a look, angle of head – and where you feel comfortable – keep adding bits of expression that work for you dear / excellent job