z Elliott Annabelle

Inferno/ Stretch your feet, Stretch your feet when you do step tap step tap, use pile on all of your hips, Make sure your footwork is tight, Connect hands to your hips, Fight for that scorpion, arms stronger on the role part, Back leg on the leap, Sharper and shake shoulders more, cute little dancer, cute routine

Platinum / cute dancer – love the hair!, more energy in the beginning, don’t hop your turns-be sure you are pressing, make you movements and hips ever bigger, keep your eyes off of the floor – look at your judges more!, you have pretty pointed toes-but we need to see these all of the time, keep working your body roll, keep working the middle section of your routine, extend your legs through your leap sweetie, shoulders down more press arms in movements / adorable dancer, good job

Nursing Home 😉 / Love this routine, you are so adorable doing it / make sure you stay towards the back of the stage more and start further back – it’s easier and more enjoyable for the judges / stay in character the entire time / get as sassy as you can be and “let them have it” / really extend through your legs and pointe the toes all of the way / don’t look down-keep your focus on your judges and audience / excellent job darling