z Doland Mia

inferno/Standing leg all the way straight on arabesque, Reach even more through fingers on arm movements, Articulate through mouth even more, Don’t let feet sickle on toe roll up, on tilt turn higher relevé , Don’t look down, Where are your arms before the leap, shoulders down on the low Chaine, don’t sickle the top foot on needle, beautiful dancer, great potential

After front walk over head needs to look up right away

Platinum – beautiful girl – I love this song! / more expression sweetie / use your turn out more / higher releve on turns / bigger movement in transition-so I mean connect one skill to the other with more energy / travel more in your skills / extend legs strong on your leaps sweetie / reach feet more on your extensions / keep working on floor parts / extend arms on your aerial / loved watching you – very sweet dancer (only 2 points away from platinum)

Nursing Home 😉 / beautiful routine – love love love the look on your face 😉 / be sure to reach on everything with arms and legs but never lift your shoulders to do so / be sure to reach and go with your toes first / watch your angles / watch your plie-fondue-turnout / stay in character through the entire song / excellent job darling