z Charlotte Wrobleski

Inferno/ Beautiful little dancer, When you’re in your movement, use more emotion, Getting up off the floor more smooth, Keep working ballet positions, Shoulders down, stronger arms on all skills, Keep legs straight in the beginning while on the floor, Keep legs straight on cartwheels, Work on Port a bras to help with smoothing arms out, Keep chin up, I am in love with those legs when you extend them, just keep working that Through every step, so pretty

Platinum / love the costume / more expression as soon as you look up / higher releve and control your ankles / I love watching your legs / you have many strengths as a dancer / really reach through arms and fingers sweetie / on chasse go through feet more and resist the heel first feel / work this routine a bit more – I would love to see your eyes on me almost the entire time – this will come with practice / a bit more energy in your moves / beautiful legs / in the beginning-hit straddle with more force / and try to travel more in your movements-this will help us see those beautiful legs even more / smile and eyes on me sweetie / try to shape your first position more with your arms / beautiful dancer – I love this song for you – very nice

Nursing Homes 😉 Beautiful job Charlotte, you look gorgeous, love watching you. Be sure to engage the audience/judges with eye contact, try not to look down – instead look out/up, at your arms, at your judges. Be sure to move as much as you can on your travel steps – much like the energy you have to extend your legs/pointe your toes / let head go back with your arch Have fun at competition!