z Amali Fabricius

Inferno / beautiful dancer,…. Keep knees on top in second position, Extend feet when on the floor, Control arms by your side when walking, On all chin stains make sure her feet are fully extended, After forward roll keep performance going with body and face, On tilt get both legs straight as soon as possible, Shoulders down, Please arms on the double attitude Leap, Get supporting leg straight on your scorpion all the way keep working that, keep working sweetie, wonderful job

Platinum, beautiful girl / I like this song / on knee tilt press the top of the bottom foot into floor, keep working till extension on floor, keep eyes engaged with audience, extend top of ankle into floor, work on contraction with core, extend the back of the legs on leap, land to bone heal in jumps, travel on slide back more and extend legs , shoulders press down the entire time of your routine , good job / beautiful dancer – really show yourself off sweetie