Terms and Conditions

All sales are final.  Exchange for sizes is allowed for 14 days providing items have not been worn or damaged.

For liability release and studio policies:

I/We release Dubuque Dance Studio and Gymnastics Club, its directors and staff from any and all responsibilities due to accident or injury sustained in/at/around/acquainted with Dubuque Dance Studio and Gymnastics Club and its activities and events. I/We am aware that in gymnastics and dance, as in any sport involving height and motion, the possibility of serious injury, paralysis and even death is present.  The child/children listed have my/our full consent to participate in the program.  I/we give permission for a DDS&G representative to aid and to transport when needed.  I/We place my child in their care when traveling. In the event of an emergency I/we give DDS&G, its coaches or staff permission to obtain and sign for medical treatment.

MEDICAL COVERAGE:  All students are advised to provide their own accident and health insurance. If a student is under a doctor’s care for a specific chronic ailment, you will need a doctor’s release, and it must be documented on this form.

PHOTOS: We reserve the right to video tape and take pictures for training purposes and advertisement. This includes social media accounts. While our studio has the right to post photos, videos and updates, parents, please be advised that you are not released (able) to post photos and videos of other students.  All studio related photos that have children other than your own, must be posted through our studio office.

REGISTRATION FEE:  Our standard session runs with the school year, September thru May. There is an annual Registration Fee of $15.00 due at registration, $20.00 for a family.  For summer classes and camps we do not charge a registration fee as the fee for summer classes and camps is paid when you register for that class or event. These are NON REFUNDABLE, mandatory fees due when you register.  Registration should be in at least 48 hours before your first class.

CLASS SCHEDULING AND FEE PAYMENT:  September through May tuition is due before the 1st of the month.  If tuition is not paid before the 1st, a mandatory late fee of $3.00 is applied to the account, per charge. When a student is registered, or begins classes, you are assigned a class for the entire term and you are enrolled in auto payment.  If during that time you decide to stop taking lessons, we must be notified two weeks in advance of the 1st of the month.  It is mandatory that you hand in a two week written notice / email to our office when discontinuing class.  If you are on one of our teams (Dance Company, Tumbling Team, Gymnastics Team, Competitive Dance Team) it is a 30 day notice in writing (for summer, by April 1st and for fall by July 1st).  Due to the hours required in class and the advanced training of coaches, members of the Competitive Dance Team and Competitive Gymnastics Team must give notice by July 1st or pay through December of that year.  (Coaches need to be hired / maintained, certified, and studio hours set aside for these groups and the advanced planning is essential to take care of the kiddos.)  Please note team is a year around activity and commitment – notice must be given or you are registered for the next session. Charges will continue on all accounts until the notice is received in our office. You are fully responsible for all charges at this time, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any bill past 30 days, will have additional late fees and be subject to collection / credit reporting.  Monthly, seasonal lessons paid are NOT REFUNDED for any reason as coaches are hired and placed in those positions. When signing up for summer and special sessions, if you are unable to attend, fees cannot be refunded. If you are absent from a lesson, you may make it up within 30 days by calling ahead to reserve a place in an appropriate class that has available space. If make-up times are not available, you forfeit your class. Students are not able to make up classes after their session is over, the student must be an active member, and paying for the month (session) in which the make-up class is taking place. Registration for events, competitions, meets cannot be paid for if you have an outstanding balance on your account.  Registration for competitions and events can never be refunded for any reason.  If an account runs a past due balance, the online access may be discontinued and auto payment will be fully enforced.  All members who register or attend classes agree to comply with all studio and club policies as outlined on our website, on this form and verbally presented.

SHOES AND ATTIRE:  Students are expected to have the correct attire for class.  If a student continually shows up to class in the wrong attire, the account holder will be charged for the correct attire, and the child will be outfitted.

TEAM MEMBERS: Studio programs are set up so that all team parents be ready participants and volunteer at events: Company/Dance Competition parents should please volunteer at both Nov and May Recitals. Gym Team/Tumbling Team Parent should plan on volunteering during our host tumbling meets. A $100 donation is requested if you are not going to be present to volunteer at these events so that we can hire replacements for those not volunteering. Keep in mind that Admission Fees will still apply except if you are assisting back stage at dance recitals.