Fund Raising

Specific Dates are further down the page.  Please note, there are 2 different organizations / 3 different events.  Butter Braids are a pastry sales that we do twice a year; one delivery comes in time for Thanksgiving, the 2nd comes in time for Easter.  The other sales we have are Yankee Candles.  This fund raiser is done so that we can have delivery in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keep in mind that if you raise more than your tuition total, the funds are carried over into your next term, is used for equipment, tickets or events.

Make sure you leave your personal contact information with each person you sell to

We have added Cinnamon Rolls for Spring/Great for Easter Morning!, when you do your spring sales, please email for online sales access.

    • These are funds that go on your account, and your account
    • profits $4 for each Butter Braid sold.
    • Orders must be turned in with “ONE CHECK FROM THE PARENT TO THE STUDIO”, or profit will only total $3.00 per butter braid due to the processing time we will need to pay on your behalf of totaling orders.
    • Please be sure funds are paid up front and paid with one check from yourself to the studio by due date (DO NOT TURN IN LATE).
    • Please be prepared to pick up Butter Braids at our studio IN DUBUQUE (the Butter Braids are frozen and timing will be important).
    • Group Name:  Dubuque Dance Studio –
    • Leave a receipt (or a text message with your information) with customers who do not know you personally


  • Yankee Candle Fundraiser
  • you received approximately 40% for your account — this is all done automatically with the online system
  • we are given totals later in Jan/Feb
  • Group Name:  Dubuque Dance Studio -990073120
  • Group number is TBA in late October
    • Instructions:  visit  and enter the above group code in the “start shopping” box.  Then shop for products.
    • Inviting Family and Friends on your sales…..  go to and click on the “seller login” button and fill out the “sign up to be a seller”form using the above group number.  Sell across the country with the “mobile app”.  Items ordered across town or country will be shipped directly to them.  Be aware that sales tax and shipping will apply to orders.