DDSGC Recital Information:

  • There will be three recitals for the children to attend.
  • The costume is used for all three performances.
  • While the recitals are optional, you must “opt out” by emailing


One Time Fees:

  • Stage fee of $25
  • Costume fee of:  $75.00
  • These fees are automatically deducted with October tuition.
  • Included in your recital/costume fee is one costume and one pair of tights (Please remember that you will need tights to match the color of the dance shoes.  So, white tap shoes need white tights, tan jazz shoes need tan tights…).
  • If you would like to make payment arrangements other than what we have noted, please contact us.
  • Schedules are laid out below, please keep in mind that because we are working with multiple schedules and locations that adjustments may need to be made as we approach the date of the event(s).


Volunteers for 5 Flags (if you child is involved in more than one show, we ask that you volunteer for one, thank you) 

The 1st Set of Performances: Five Flags Theater in Dubuque


  • Always scheduled for the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.
    • Tuesday & Thursday (and Dance Company) perform at 12:30 pm
    • Monday & Wednesday (and Dance Company/Competition) perform at 3:30 pm. 
    • Shows are about 90 – 105 minutes long.
  • All weekday classes perform in 1 recital / All company dancers perform at both shows / All competition dancers perform at 3:30 pm
  • Tickets are only available at the Five Flags Box Office ($15 a seat if you walk into the box office to purchase).  You can purchase through Ticketmaster (they have huge additional charges).
    • Five Flags Box Office hours are Monday – Friday 10 am – 5 pm
  • One of my favorite “how to” videos” for hair and make up. Bottom line however is, we want you to feel comfortable and I am okay with you keeping all preparations for your child in your comfort zone.
    Earth-tone for eyes


  • The 2nd Set of Performances: Bell Tower Theater, Asbury Rd, Dubuque.  Dancers Perform at One of the Shows 
    • Sat, March 2nd at 10 am
    • Sat, March 2nd at 1 pm
    • Sat, March 2nd at 4 pm
    • Sun, March 3rd at Noon
    • Sun, March 3rd at 3 pm
  •  The first weekend in March.
  • This one is on a smaller scale / only a few students on stage.
  • Your child will perform at “one” of the seven performances
  • Each of the shows are about 1:20 long, students usually on stage twice.
  • If there are siblings – they will be scheduled at the same show (It is important that they are scheduled according to the older dancers schedule.  If the schedule shows that I have overlooked anything, please be sure to relay.)
  • Bell Tower tickets are sold only through their office at 563-588-3377, ($17 a seat)

Bell Tower Updated Program /  Arrival for Bell Tower


The 3rd Set of Performances: the 3rd Saturday in May / Roosevelt Middle School

  • Tickets are $10 each and sold at our office in Dubuque the third Saturday before the show/2 weeks before the show.  THE DAY OF THE SHOW, TICKETS ARE $15 PER SEAT. The first day, tickets sales are 11:00 am – 1:00 pm in the upstairs blue room.  After the 1st day of sales, tickets are available during normal studio hours. (Online, pre-sale tickets will be sold before hand at $15 per seat. Miss Dee will choose the best front/center available to you and mail them to you.)
  • 3 recitals, each about one hour to 90 minutes long
  • Tuesday & Thursday Dancers (& Company Dancers) Perform 11:00 am
  • Monday & Wednesday Dancers (& Company & Competition) Perform at 2:00 pm
  • All Competition Soloist Perform at 3:45 pm