CARE-ing Bear Volunteers

Just a friendly memo to all gymnastics team and tumbling team members on volunteering…. some clubs charge a Booster fee, Competition fee, even up to $1000 per athlete.  This is something we are never interested in.  We have always held the three recitals in Dubuque and our Tumbling Events to assist in these fees to keep everyone’s expense as low as possible.  You will still have your admission fees to pay the day of the meet as this is our fund-raiser, and these funds will go to pay administration, judges and coaches fees to run the meet. If you would like to opt out of volunteering, there is a memo in our registration information reminding you to submit a $100 check to us (please make this payment by January 25th).

Everyone: Practice Feb 8th is 8 – 11 at the Dubuque Club for all tumblers and gymnasts.  From Noon – 4 pm, everyone will meet for set up at the Grand Harbor Convention Center. If for any reason your are not going to be present for set up, you must rsvp to

Sunday, February 9th. We should all arrive at the Grand Harbor convention Center to set up around 7:30 am please (time subject to change once the schedule is out).  All gymnastics and tumbling team parents should plan on spending the day at the club helping and cheering on the athletes. Everyone plans on set-up, volunteering at a station, and clean up around 4/5:00 pm / For specific volunteer tasks – please post at the bottom of this page.

Volunteers are running two shifts 8:30 am – noon and noon  – until 4 pm

  • Coaches and Judges Room – Need Nummy Food for these people.  Would need some side dishes and dessert yet  😉  Name your specialty, we would be so grateful…… (example – pulled pork, potato salad, dessert)
    • Thank you!!!
    • Teresa Gassman – brownies
    • Jen Davis – pasta salad
  • Score Keepers / Additional Score Info (1 family or two people – each shift please): 
    • Yippee – thank you!!!, thank you, thank you!
    • 8:00 am – Emilia Hinton and Schusters
    • 11:30 am/noon – Anna and Brian Schuster and Hintons
  • Admission (need 2 each please, or parent/child combo) YOUR SIGNS ARE PRINTED OFF/$5 PER PERSON / $3 FOR PROGRAMS:    
    • Thank you!!!
    • 8:00 am Amy and Alaina Henry
    • 11:30 am/noon – Lori and Braeley Wullweber
  • Warm Up Area (need 2 or parent/child combo):
    • Thank you!!!
    • 8:00 am – Jen Davis
    • 11:30 am / noon –
  • Video Taping  (need camera (I have cd cards – please confirm the kind that you have please) 1 to set up / take down, and one for each shift to check periodically to make sure the device is recording please)
    • 8:00 am – Margee Loebach
    • 11:30 am / noon – 
  • Trophy area / backdrop: this is done the Saturday while they are setting up gym equipment. Those who are unable to lift/carry, this is a great option for you:
  • Concession Set Up 7:00 am/need carries and 2 – 3 people please:
    • work concessions
      • Teresa Gassman / Cathy Current
      • Kelly Hoefelmeyer / Alysse Steve
  • Score Runners (older athletes ages 9 and up, need 4 for each shift please): 
    • Hinton Ladies
    • Schuster Ladies

Donate Snacks:

  • Candy Bars
  • Bag of Apples
    • wullweber
    • davis
  • Bag of Oranges
    • hintons
    • wullweber
  • Bananas
    • Gassmans
    • Henry
    • Davis
  • Packaged Goodies (must be pre-packaged)
    • pre-packaged/bought cookies
      •   Tammy Wood
      •    Conners
    • pre-packaged/bought rice crispy treats or such
      •   Teresa Gassman ( mini muffins)
      •    Conners
  • Water
    • Current
    •  Wullweber
    • Conner
  • Gatorade
    • Current
    • Wullweber

32 thoughts on “CARE-ing Bear Volunteers

  1. Steve family will do bags of grapes.
    And we will make a desert as well just not sure what we are making yet.

    1. Grand Harbor will not allowed baked goods – they must be pre-packaged / and they said no grapes 🙁

    2. wondering if I can have you work concession sales or something?

    3. I actually put you at concessions – if you don’t want to – yell at me please

      1. This is fine I just saw that sorry. Where ever u need me I can help or try to. I can help with counting metals and organizing. I’m not sure on 100% what I’m suppose to do but I’m sure it shouldn’t be so difficult

  2. I can anounce who should be reporting to warm ups. I can do this the first shift (until I have to leave for rock the Rafters if you need me there) I can also bring rice cripies and some kind of cookie. All of these need to be in prepackged things now?

    1. You are correct – pre-packaged – no baked good / please double check how I have you listed

      1. I can set up the awards area. I will also be buying some prepackaged cookies and stuff.

      2. Also, I should be able to do awards for the majority. I will have Hayden help me hand out the awards and I will call them. I am sure a couple of the girls would take turns handing out the medals.

      3. Thank you darling – I really appreciate this

  3. Gassman Family – We will make brownies for the Judges room. Will also bring bananas and Milky Way Fudge for concessions.

    1. No baked goods at grand harbor – only pre-packaged – they said we could do bananas

    2. You can do brownies for the judges room however – they have approved that – just not for concessions

  4. I will be there to fill in wherever until we have to leave for the other performances based on when girls compete here (so pry put me down for the first half somewhere) I will also bring something for concessions. I’ll get back to u on that ASAP

    1. I believe I put you at warm ups darling

    2. I put you at warm ups darling

  5. Current family will donate case water and case Gatorade.

    1. I have you working at concessions – if you want something different – just let me know, appreciate you greatly, Dee

  6. We can bring oranges/cookies. I can do the warm up area AM shift. Both girls can run scores either shift.

    1. I have you down for oranges – no baked goods at grand harbor however – and I have you listed for working – please double check me – appreciate you

  7. Lori L Wullweber January 20, 2020 — 4:20 pm

    Braeley and I can do Admissions from 12n-4pm. I can also bring a case of water; a case of Gatorade; and a bag of Apples and Oranges.

    1. Thank you darling

  8. Alaina and I can do a shift at the admission table, whatever shift she’s not going to be competing in… we will bring bananas and grapes

    1. this all works and I have you posted – no grapes however – appreciate you greatly, Dee

  9. I can bring apples and bananas

    1. Also cookies 2 a bag correct?

      1. cookies need to be pre-packaged – no baked goods are allowed at grand harbor

    2. I have apples – bananas marked and have you at warm ups
      I think instructions are on the page – appreciate you greatly

  10. The Conners can help where you need it! And we are able to bring whatever else is Necessary. Just let us know!

  11. I can bring a pasta salad for the judges room or a ddessert whatever you need. Also do u need something for concessions? And josh will be there to help if u need him he will have lily and I’ll have pippa

  12. This is what I have..
    Mini muffin bites
    Brownies for judges room – this has been approved
    Concessions in the morning.
    Depending on the schedule, I will have to leave in the afternoon to get the girls to Rock the Rafters.

    1. I’ll also be leaving to get to rock the rafters

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