z Tamra Faubel

Platinum duet / cute opening / strong character/really place turns / great personality-needs more attack/ really show your confidence/ find your base on your turn so that you don’t travel / nice work – keep your energy and attack strong through your entire routine/ love the expression-energy-even make this bigger/ great job – keep working and pushing this routine-very enjoyable

Platinum / love you in this costume! / travel more / connect transitions better / shape arms more on skills – especially your turns / hit your accents harder sweetie especially at the end / keep the same intensity throughout your routine please / give me more attention please! / lift through chest when you arch- not the lower back / don’t sickle your feet sweetie – especially in 2nd position / lift through body before stepping into next more and transition / this is a dynamic dancer – keep practicing sweetie

Nursing Homes 😉 / Absolutely gorgeous in your white leotard/costume…. this is perfect for you and not too many girls could wear something like this and be so incredibly stunning! – excellent choice! / keep reaching and extending though your arms are legs – but do not lift your shoulders to extend please / watch angles / keep expression strong and consistent through your entire performance. Beautiful job darling / keep working flexibility / shape arms on turns / Have a fabulous time at competition darling — you are exquisite

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