z Tamra Faubel

beyond the stars: keep shoulders down/push through legs – make sure your legs are always straight, extend feet more-especially on floor moves, don’t look down when you leap/stretch your feet and legs all of the way/use your plie more/watch your shoulders-keep pressing them down/lock back to leg on paunche / beautiful dancer, cute look, great energy

Infernal/ high gold/275:

leap – mindset / nice message / really extend legs higher / very powerful / push your switch leap all of the way / great choreography 😉 / nice and powerful

leap – toxic / keep weight in center / straighten legs completely / connect sequences a bit more / turn out in hips more / keep chest up / love your sass / watch your upper body – too stiff – release it a bit more / work balance and opening hips / press shoulders and lift arms / nice job