z Quintana Olivia

Masquerade, 285, platinum: Nice stage presence, nice solid choreography is on point, well rehearsed, keep the heels together on your toe rise, keep your jumps to the music, make sure your leap is flat, and don’t let the leg go on the wrong side behind you, Watch your bottom foot on your tilt jump, Press into the floor to keep your balance, keep your emotion the whole time, beautiful power

Excellent job training, choreography, great potential

Inferno/elite platinum/293.3

This is an adorable little dancer. Love the costume. I’ve not heard this song I love this song. Great choice of choreography for this little person. I would like to see you keep your emotion in your face throughout the song, it comes and goes a bit… Keep us with you the whole time you were performing the number By giving your judges an audience attention.

Make sure you always go toe first when you walk or Chasse, Watch your back leg,…that you keep your knees straight and extend through your legs when they are behind you / find your center a bit more on your turn / make sure you use your plié before and after your jumps

Beautiful dancer, you have a lot of power and good technique