z Quintana Olivia

Jan 14
Jan 9

make up Nov 5th/good job and continued good improvement..

  • ummm, Alicia watched your routine, and you threw this BEAUTIFUL leap…. one that I have not seem much….. so I think my first critique is going to be – try to be consistent and make sure you take a break in between running routines so you are giving full energy and focus every time  😉  I think you were excited for Alicia to watch – so be excited every time you run it  😉
  • please continue to stretch your splits with an elevated leg / as I don’t feel as though you are able to hit your full extension in your routines or your knee is bent when trying to hit it
  • please give some time in the mirror – looking at your tilts and all moments when you hold your leg – it’s important you see yourself in the mirror so you continue to naturally adjust things
  • please continue to hit your plank and “feel the back of your knee straight”
  • you are correct to stretch well before you start – particularly your back and shoulders so that you can hit your front walk over

vocal cues – not easily heard  🙁

  • hold arms on entrance please
  • point toes on walkover and if you push through your chest, you will always come up much easier than if you rely on the bottom half of your body
  • on your back bridge to the floor – push with your feet more once you are down to continue onto the side of your body
  • use bottom right away when you kneel  don’t wait until you are there and then fix your hips…… be solid as you kneel
  • hold plank a bit longer and squeeze bottom
  • keep working the straddle and quick open/sustain/quick close
  • love that you are moving forward and using the bad arm on the cartwheel
  • keep ankles together on arch up
  • your tilt is off — foot should point stage left
  • nice passion on reach — need to show more passion through out the routine
  • keep working split – while it’s improved alot  you still open it to a position that we do not want…..
  • tilt jump needs to extend and look like this   /
  • remember – we talked about when you hold that left leg up – that it’s kind of not an “Olivia position”….. again – base leg should turn out and point this time to stage right and it looks like you need a lot of help holding your leg up – so we need your leg to look more independent  😉
  • thee same on the arabesque leg and tilt – we need to clean these also and will work on this – this week

Upper Video and notes from October 11: keep weight off of heals in the beginning/ make sure your plié faces stage left , passé should face the corner/ push through your chest and you will always come up out of your walkover without falling/face the corner for your cool back bridge roll so the judges get a good view of it please

  • Update corrections Thursday, October 4
    • after passe’ pull heel forward as stepping
    •  In your chest split/make sure the foot that’s on the floor has your big toe on the floor don’t let it roll towards your little toe
    • when you Kneel, make sure that your bottoms really snug
    •  Reminder, on one arm cart wheel to start using the other
    •  Reminder to stretch your straddle so that when you do the straddle on your back while you’re rolling the both toes can hit the floor at the same time 😍
    • whew who ..ankles are more together on arch up , good job
    • keep working on jete
    • keep working on sissone arms
    • keep working arabesque turn
    •  Better walk over good job
    •  Watching your tilt in the mirror keep watching the leg that you grab and make sure gets Straight
    •  Connect Your foot to your leg on your pirouette

Great job… keep practicing everything

Olivia, While I am constantly relaying feedback… here are the skills we discussed where I thought videos might assist us. Good job darling 😉

Jan 14