z Pfab Melanie

Masquerade, 269, gold: love the costume, love the song, love the look of the dancer, make sure in the jazz category that we are not lip-synching, really reach through the legs and extend your legs and point your toes especially in your opening, beautiful choreography and movement but you have to extend it, really press down hard in your opening to keep your balance, beautiful plié and expression, make sure that you do not lean forward on your leaps, make sure that you finish your aerial and pick up your body at the finish , Watch your transition in and out of your tilts that you know where the leg is supposed to go… If it’s supposed to smack up, smack it up, if it’s supposed to passé it up then make sure you have a passé. Beautiful dancer, beautiful choreography and style… You just need to finish your movements and finish your technique by pushing through your legs all of the weight whether they’re up in the air or down on the floor. Excellent potential here