z Loebach Michael

beyond the stars – friend like me: don’t look down/attack your floor/look out at your audience-judges/pick up your feet more/articulate sounds better and watch timing/get all the way up in your toe stands/open set a little wider so you travel a bit more/don’t look down/crispen your taps and pick up your feet/remember to get to the tops of your shoes in your toe stands/watch your timing with you music/keep your eyes up/keep eyes nice and strong-formed/get all of the way up in your skills/you can repeat steps-however when this dancer repeats, he looses energy – keep your energy up/no heels…. nice routine/good job

beyond the stars – committed: shoulders down/stretch your legs on all of your moves/use feet more on chasses – toes should point, work on legs in jetes and on traveling moves/watch recovery out of your tumbling that you pull up and finish your moves/after your leap sequence you now look tired – I’m saying that because all of your moves are less defined-clean/nice emotion/great potential – started strong/good job