z Loebach Ava

Masquerade/266/gold : nice Emotion and personality, I would like to know if your foot is pointed or flexed unless beginning movements , sure you’re with your music and your words and motions are with the words of the music , Beautiful expression but your movements must be bigger, really stretch her legs and point your toes on your leaps and on your leg extensions, Nice expression but look at us and give us the attention, be sure that your lip syncing all the way through ….. or if you’re not going to then don’t do any lip-synching , cute little dancer an expression, make sure that you work on your turn and point your foot and put it on your leg… Don’t spin on your heel make sure that you’re up and have Point with a straight leg,

Cute dancer, nice skill potential, good expression… Just work on bringing the expression with a smile to your judges, and work on extending through your legs and pointing your toes on all of your skills.