z Gockel Emily

beyond the stars / dangerous: don’t look down, hold ankle instead of leg on extensions-it will make it look longer, press into the floor on all balance moves-if you flat it will help-if you are on half pointe it will keep your ankle from wobbling, use arms a bit more on leaps, stretch feet more on all moves, don’t look down coming out of leaps-really look at us, use your back more to hold arms-right now they are a bit close to your body – fun dancer to watch – great talent

beyond the stars / landslide: don’t look down, keep challenging all of your positions (wider second), look out at audience more, full passe before extension, travel through positions, there are a couple of times where you need to push through your legs more and make sure they are not breaking, really use your eyes more on your audience-great emotion-but we don’t feel it like we would if you would look at us – great job