z Charlotte Wrobleski

Platinum / love the costume / more expression as soon as you look up / higher releve and control your ankles / I love watching your legs / you have many strengths as a dancer / really reach through arms and fingers sweetie / on chasse go through feet more and resist the heel first feel / work this routine a bit more – I would love to see your eyes on me almost the entire time – this will come with practice / a bit more energy in your moves / beautiful legs / in the beginning-hit straddle with more force / and try to travel more in your movements-this will help us see those beautiful legs even more / smile and eyes on me sweetie / try to shape your first position more with your arms / beautiful dancer – I love this song for you – very nice

Nursing Homes 😉 Beautiful job Charlotte, you look gorgeous, love watching you. Be sure to engage the audience/judges with eye contact, try not to look down – instead look out/up, at your arms, at your judges. Be sure to move as much as you can on your travel steps – much like the energy you have to extend your legs/pointe your toes / let head go back with your arch Have fun at competition!

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