One in a Minion Volunteer

We should all arrive for day of meet set up around 8:30 am please.

Volunteers are running one shift 8:30 am – Noon

  • Coaches and Judges Room – they will just eat / choose from our concessions / Concessions – 2 please
    • Jen Davis
  • Score Keepers (1 family please): 
    • Ed Loebach
  • Admission (need 1 please, or parent/child combo):   
    •  Teresa Gassman
  • Warm Up Area (need 1 please):
    • Miss Margee
  • Video Taping  (need 1)
    • Jessica Wagner
  • Trophy area / backdrop: this is done the Saturday by the concession area while they are setting up equipment in the gymEmcee and Passing out Awards two each shift:  
    • Tammy Wood
  • Score Runners (older athletes ages 9 and up, need 4 for each shift please): 
    • Hayden
    • Grace
    • Darcy
    • Arabella

Donate Baked Goods named below – or name your choice:

  • cookies (SEE BELOW)
  • rice crispy treats / scotcheroos (SEE BELOW)
  • your favorite baked good (SEE BELOW)

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