Miss Dee Saturday

Saturday 8 am

Holidays – Opener

Saturday 915 am ( Do tap from 915-935) where ever you are – stop at 935 and put pointe shoes on please / current members stay and others join

Shufflles in all directions / standing in one place
flap/slap heels in all directions / staying in one place

please note: when doing shuffles crossing and uncrossing, we need to see the foot up and crossed before the shuffle

shuffle hop step / traveling from the back lines – towards the mirrors / also do this traveling backwards
hop shuffle step / traveling from the back lines – travel towards the mirrors / also do this traveling backwards
flaps traveling
flap heels / traveling
flap double heels / traveling in all directions
flap balchange turning / down the lines please

around 930 / Miss Daizee arrives and works ballet with everyone – we want to be started with ballet at 945 / she can do whatever she would like

Company Ballet Production / Best Christmas Ever

Beginning – Adv Beginning Noon-2:00 pm Company on stage and downstage of Intermediate-Adv Intermediate kiddos / both groups start – from 00 – 00:17 ( Beg and Adv Beg Members have front from 17 through 42 and exit off stage – leave Intermediate – Adv Intermediate Members who attend 130-330 On stage until 1:30) – this group transitions and leaves stage as the 915 group enters use 1:30-2:10 after entrance, place the 915 group upstage and both 915 and 8 am groups perform through ending leave 8 am dancers in front through

8 am dancers leave at 1045 and run scooters and stretching from the top of the page and do the following routine

Put the Happy in the Holidays / 915 company

at noon the 915 group leaves and the next group enters

Capital C with Voice

at 1:00 these kiddos so scooters and stretching (they need some help) and 1:30 they go to the gym with Kayla

at 1:30 your next group enters / they start with tap and Tayler who is blind joins them / she does the best between Mallory and Lexie / do the same recordings if they can handle the level-material through 2:00 please

at 2, they do scooters and stretching from the top of this page / when they are finished, they should work on their christmas jazz

Joyful Joyful / repeat as able in the song to try to finish it up / I will adjust as needed / thank you

Joyful group finishes at 330, thank you