From Miss Dee

Greetings to our sweet DDSGC team and families

I’ve noticed something and I have touched base with the kiddos about it and I’d also like to just take a moment to touch base with parents. There have been some advantages to all of the craziness that is going on…..

One of the advantages that is very prominent for me as your child’s instructor, Is the isolation your child has experienced. That sounds a bit odd, but as humans we instinctively pick up habits and characteristics of people around us without even knowing it. This summer the children have been able to focus more, individualize themselves a bit more, and really give a true training experience to him/herself as an individual.

Trust me, in saying this I’m not trying to promote anything, God knows this has been really crazy on all of us. I am always trying to pull the good out of everything and I really truly see an advantage for your child right now that would be fabulous to grasp ahold of and nurture.

I asked the kiddos this past week to try to make a list of some things that they want for themselves. This can be a habit, this can be thoughts, it can be actions and I’ll give you some examples that we talked about this week

  • Some kiddos will instinctively see someone carrying something and run to their assistance
  • Some kiddos will see something laying on the floor and automatically pick it up
  • Looking at someone in their eyes as they’re talking

Something that prompted this conversation was on Wednesday a couple of the girls came to class early. 20 minutes before class was going to start they had their tap shoes on, and on their own started to drill basics across the floor. …….. Now I usually don’t say too much about myself, but I must say after teaching 42 years, owning my own business, holding adjunct professor status’ at the colleges, and I don’t think there’s a musical that I have not done choreography for 🤪, ….. and I was even approached about 20 years ago for a position that incorporated the arts into the Chicago school system. 

……Anyway, I have to say that none of that compares to watching little eight year old sweet-hearts instinctively knowing the best thing to do for themselves and enjoy doing it. I told him how proud I was of them and how many times I’ve been in the workplace with adults who have arrived 15, 20, 30 minutes early and decided to sit and chitchat. These little productive darlings walked in so happy, got themselves ready and just enjoyed warming up for class.  That is truly the best compliment we can all have, and what a wonderful team we (parents and staff) make for your kiddos.

So, this prompted me to have a discussion with them about choosing some of these really good habits, characteristics, ideals for their life and to work on incorporating them into their goals and development.

We also talked about looking up to people. I think it’s important to have hero’s in our life and people that we admire, but the ultimate example for who they should want to be should be their own self, their own person, and to love him/herself dearly.

Thank you dearly for the continued blessing of being part of your child’s life 

With appreciation and love, Miss Dee