Studio Calendar

  • Sunday, October 18, 2020 / Welcome to our return of in-person classes. Please request zoom and in-person make ups as needed.
    • Reminder about our first recital. We adjusted the performance to Sunday, December 13th in the Five Flags Arena. More information will follow.
  • Reminder about safety
    • always take your temperature at the start of every day (anyone with a temperature must not enter the building)
    • masks before entry (always have an extra mask handy)
    • masks worn except in cases where it’s questionable to the students safety
      • such as cardio
      • safety on equipment
      • all gymnasts
      • and preschool dancers
    • sanitize upon entry to the building and every room
    • touch-less faucets and hand-dryers
    • sanitize surfaces through-out the day
    • social distance and personal space
  • Remember: In a pandemic, we are all doing our best. Anyone who does not feel comfortable and confident should consider the stay at home options and not enter our building.

As a safety precaution, the studio is closed until October 19th. ZOOM CLASSES WILL RUN SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10 – SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17TH (and beyond as needed/if needed). Please check your emails from Sunday Oct 4th – October 8th. Further updates will be posted Sunday, October 18th. Thank you

All Dancers: Charges for Recital will process the week of October 5th. Your recital page has been updated. First recital is scheduled for the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. This year, Sunday, December 13, 2020

  • Welcome “DDSGC Day Time” / Hybrid, daytime assistance for your kiddos. Starting Monday, August 24
    • Drop off starts at 7:45 am at the front entrance, and be ready for a day of fun and development.
    • Students bring their snacks, lunch and homework
    • The building is closed during the day. For contact and entrance call 563-556-1842 or text 563-513-9306
    • To register for Day Time hours, please text Dee at 563-513-9306

If for any reason you’re are uncomfortable with possible contact conditions,  Please email, call 563-556-1842, or text 563-513-9306.  We also have virtual classes and video class pages available so that you do not have to enter the building.