Preschool Music

Preschool Toe Taps
Preschool Heels
Preschool Toe Backs
March March Clap Clap
Wrap with Voice
Wrap It Up/Stack It Up
Holly Jolly with Voice Assistance
Holly Jolly
Christmas Dance with Voice Assistance
Christmas Dance

Kinder Music

Toe Taps
Heel Taps
Double Shuffle
Marches and Side Digs
Rock Voice
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Joy Voice
Joy to the World
Light Voice
Light of Christmas

Level A

Jingle Bell/Level A/Full Voice
Merry Christmas/Level A/Full Voice
Wanted with voice assistance

Level B

Level B/just voice through second set of step claps

Level C


Team 1-2 / 10:00 am / Capital C with Voice
SATURDAY 1:30 TAP with voice