CARE-ing Bear Volunteers

Update: on Saturday 8 am my vehicle is NOT HOOKED UP TO MY EXPEDETION, Dave had a hard time getting out of work and on the road to the meet. Please be prepared that this will need to be done in the morning. Also, after arrival and unload, Kelly and Tony are coming back up to get the awards station, some mats and other items and they will return with these items to unload please. brought a trailer for the 2nd load. So plan on loading the 2nd trailer and heading down please. I am hoping that the expedition will be back by 1 pm for Shannon to load supplies in: tumbling meet drawer, recital bags and such from the office. These items could go down with the 2nd trailer. Anything like this should go under the table where I usually sit, which is across from the awards station, in the corner slightly. They are also taking awards down to go on the table next to the awards station: Kayla and Laura will be down later to assemble/put in order. Assignments/Volunteer details are below after diagram – there are some time adjustments and added details.

JANUARY 29TH AT THE GRAND RIVER CENTER. We need volunteers from ALL TEAMS. Ideally, dance parents helping at the tumbling meet and gymnastics parents helping at dance recitals, is the most beneficial practice to have for all teams. If you are unable to volunteer than please commit now to volunteering at the May dance recital on the 20th at Five Flags or pay the $100 option out fee please. This is actually part of your team agreement, however, I have never had to mention much about it before. Meets and recitals directly affect the expense and assistance for our teams. It has come to the point where we will need to mention the necessity of committing and volunteering at events. Any assistance you can give, is vital. More specific times will be posted after 12/20 as that is when I should have schedules from other events and coordinators. rsvp 563-513-9306 with your desired tasks 😉

WE CANNOT SELL CONCESSIONS UNDER THE GRAND RIVER POLICY, HOWEVER WE CAN SELL GIFT BAGS AND THEY CAN GAVE PACKAGED FOOD ITEMS IN THEM. BAG FILLING CAN BE DONE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, JAN 28 FROM NOON – 1 PM / Need volunteers: this could even be older dancers or gymnasts (11 and older please). We are unable to sell concessions at the event, so we are selling fun bags. We will need bags filled for anyone who orders them. Club name, and Athletes name – are already on the bags / Keller/Pfab (This should only take about 15 minutes) ~~~~ ITEMS FOR BAGS: 1 rice krispy treat, 1 note book, 1 gold fish bag, 1 chex mix bag, 1 insulated white tumbling with sticker on, 1 bubble wand, 1 square fidget, a circle fidget, 1 erase easel OR Snowman (nothing w/our studio name on) SHANNON IS PACKING THESE UP AND TAKING THEM TO THE RIVER CENTER FOR US (THESE WILL BE AT MY TABLE: ADMINISTRATION, COACHES, JUDGES TABLE. ALSO, PLEASE TAKE ITEMS TO STUFF BAG ON SITE IF PEOPLE WHO DID NOT PRE-ORDER WANT TO PURCHASE ON SITE

  • Set Up Saturday, Jan 28th 8 am: Everyone is scheduled for this. Leaving Studio at 8 am, plan on arrival and unloading around 8:20 or so…. Hoefelmeyer’s are coming back to the studio for a second load to take down of mats, awards station, trophies and such WE WILL TAKE MORE PEOPLE!, CONFIRMED ATTENDING ARE: ROB KELLER, HOEFELMEYER, SCHUSTER, HENRY, GASSMAN
  • Tear Down and Back to DDSGC: Everyone is scheduled for this CONFIRMED ATTENDING ARE: ALL GYMNASTS, HOEFELMEYER, SCHUSTER, STRANG, BARNETT, HENRY – 1 / …. 2 trips AT TEAR DOWN: the first will be awards station and items that need to go to the storage garage. 2nd trip will be all items for the rod floor which will stay in the trailer please / ADDITIONAL HELP: Claire Mier 2-4, Melanie Pfab 2-4
  • Food for Judges and Coaches Room: Pulled Pork HENRY’S, cheesy potatoes BARNETT, a salad of some kind SCHUSTER’S, dessert GASSMAN’S, water (club), sparking water (club)
  • Admission Table: Two for 1st half and one for 2nd half: CONFIRMED: Nicole from 7:45 – 11:30 (Alicia is with you to get things started and then she heads over to Awards) / Breiner’s and Wierda’s 11:30 – end
  • Competitors / Warm Up Area: Two for 1st half and two for 2nd half / ALAINA AND CARMEN AND KAYLA ARE ON THE FLOOR.
  • Video / Recording: Need someone who will use my ipad. The device must be running the entire meet, record each pass individually please. We need two people please. One for 1st half and one for 2nd half: Kelly Doty, 1st half /
  • Emcee / Pass Out Awards: We need two. One for 1st half and one for 2nd half: Hoefelmeyer and Alicia, along with Maya H, Grace G / 2-4 for clean up, load and such Melanie P, Mia D, and Claire M
  • RUNNERS: These kiddos run score from judge’s to score keepers and run announcement/scheduling to awards podium and awards station. Audrey Schuster, Lydia Breiner, Kylie Wierda, Lorelei DeLoach;
  • Putting trophies together and in order for meet: Two please / Saturday afternoon: Barnett, and Breiner